Sound Bundles

Bundles are pre-configured collections of sound packs. Bundles stay the same & do not evolve throughout the year like a vault. Bundles are still highly useful & stocked full with professional sounds effects, loops, samples all packaged into themed collections — you save up to 70% compared to individual purchase.

Ready to use out of the box
Meticulously crafted and organized
No copyrights hassles
Sound Design Starter Kit
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Level up your sound palette with 11,571 SFX when you take hold of the Sound Design Starter Kit by Epic Stock Media! It's the beginning of happiness for sound designers, engineers, and audio creatives at every level. The Sound Design Starter Kit is the perfect sound library to jumpstart any audio production or sound design project. This premium bundle brings you a high-performance selection of designed and source sound effects. Save time with an improved workflow when you unleash the mesmerizing arsenal of sound contained within the Sound Design Starter Kit.

Sound Design Starter Kit covers a vast range of sounds from organic nature sounds, user interface sfx, sci-fi digital elements, cinematic impacts, and even household source sounds! Check out the demos to see what all the hype is about! We even threw in an additional 360 Cinematic SFX from our highly regarded Epic Movie Trailer pack to give you that extra edge needed for mesmerizing audio/video productions!

Includes 11 sound libraries / 11519+ sounds
Epic Arsenal Complete
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Designed Bundle for sound designers & audio creatives at any level.

Epic Arsenal Complete is a hybrid collection of sound effects, loops, and samples that hit on multiple genres & sound categories. The organization and sheer amount of content will help game developers, film editors, & sound designers have a solid foundation when it comes to doing foley work, sound design, prototyping, final game sound, etc. All sound effects are provided in WAV audio file format which are mixed and mastered and ready for production. Plus, each file is embedded with Soundminer Metadata.

Epic Arsenal - Complete's sound collection offers an outstanding amount of sonic firepower and creative inspiration. Fulfill your clients & project needs fast with sounds that tell stories, cause immersive experiences, and makes your audio sound great. It will easily become the backbone of your studio SFX to push your creations and pre-existing sound banks to the next level.

Includes 18 sound libraries / 22511+ sounds
Production Music Bundle
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Our production music suite was composed for digital entrepreneurs & creators.

The "Production Music" bundle is an extensive catalog of music to choose from. Featuring award-winning music in many different styles. From trendy commercial music to epic cinematic. It's definitely a worthwhile music collection to have for those rapidly creating content and in need of soundtrack cues, tracks, etc. This bundle is very versatile & useful. It can score & complete just about any type of production track you need like a commercial, advertising, gameplay, film score, tv, orchestral, cinematic, tribal, Japanese, folk, indie, rock, electronic to name a few.

Go further than before! Let the "Production Music Bundle" soundtrack and loop collection take on the creative duties of setting the perfect musical expression for your next production. All music, soundtracks, cues, & loops are 100% royalty-free and can be used for all your music in your videos, social media posts, adverts, website, film, game, you name it!

Includes 11 sound libraries / 1462+ sounds
Game Makers Sound Effects Kit
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The Game Makers Sound Effects Kit includes more than 7100 audio assets, SFX, and Loops that are ready for assignment on your next video, game, or motion graphics production. Game Makers Sound Effects Kit is an audio power pack and massive library of game sound effects and loops. Inside you'll find 10 game sound FX libraries which include over 8 hours of sound all in high-quality resolution.

The Game Makers Sound Effects Kit delivers premium sound samples for any type of game or motion graphics. This perfect collection of sounds is ideal for any level of sound designer and game developer in need of a wide range of quality sound effects that are ready to use out of the box. Designed specifically for games, film, and motion graphics by award-winning sound designers. Includes everything you need to create an immersive and expressive gameplay experience.

Includes 10 sound libraries / 7269+ sounds
AAA Game Character Voice Bundle
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AAA Game Character Voice Bundle provides a high-quality selection of 12 themed fantasy game character voice-over sample packs at an affordable price. Experience rich vocal samples, designed character voices created specifically for games, and a dynamic range of scripted dialogue lines, sayings, emotes, vocalizations, custom lines, NPC lines like hello, greetings, and so much more! This collection weighs in at over 5,400+ voice sound effects that will give you all the essentials needed to build a compelling in-game dialogue with immersive characters.

Includes 12 sound libraries / 5488+ sounds
Game Makers Sound Effects Kit 2
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Game Makers Sound Effects Kit 2 – more than 7400+ audio assets, SFX and loops. This bundle fulfills all of your game audio needs and will quickly become a powerful sonic staple in your studio. Stay focused longer, save time, and skip the hassle trying to find the right sound with Epic Stock Media’s premium bundles & Game Maker Sound Effects Kits, all handcrafted, professionally-designed, and specially curated for game developers & sound designers.

Game Makers Sound Effects Kit 2 delivers top quality sound samples for any type of game, animation or motion graphics. This is the perfect compliment to GMSK1 and offers an even wider range of quality sounds needed to take your project to the next level. This bundle of production-ready & battle-tested sound effects will help you create immersive and expressive gameplay and sound experiences..

Includes 11 sound libraries / 7432+ sounds
Ultimate Game Music Loops
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The Ultimate Game Music Loops bundle was created for scaling game developers & producers looking for the best on-budget music loop & soundtrack library.

Inside find an extensive catalog of music to choose from. Featuring music heard in tv shows & commercials to fun intricate tracks in many different styles. The bundle houses over 1200+ tracks so you can rapidly create content, prototype, test as well as other useful use cases. 

All music is 100% royalty-free and can be used for all your music in your videos, social media posts, adverts, website, film, game, you name it!

Includes 5 sound libraries / 1230+ sounds

Multiple file formats

All sounds are pre-mixed and mastered in multiple file formats, including WAV (96k 24 bit, 44.1k 16 bit) and MP3. HD sounds are even ready for more advanced sound design and processing.

Popular & Hard to find sounds

This extensive sound pack has sounds that fit any game genre — from organic to sci-fi, background music, cinematic intros, clicks, tocks, alarms, transitions, swooshes — you name it!

Ready right out of the box

Don’t get your soundtrack neglected because it takes too much time — use our finely structured content, find the perfect sound for your needs, and insert into your DAW or game engine in a cinch!

No copyrights hassles

Skip all the reporting, clearance and permission hassles. Don’t get dinged on YouTube for copyright violation either. All sounds are clear for use in any production, animation, podcasts, commercials — anywhere!

Made for improved workflow

Not just beatifully structured categories, but also lots of Soundminer metadata for every file. Search, preview and use all the files you need in no time, and optimize your workflow to the max!

Really affordable pricing

Get 11 best game-related sound packs for 1/3 the price of the same packs bought individually. All sounds are royalty-free and can be used unlimited times with no copyright restrictions.

Works with your favorite DAW or game engine