Sound Bundles

Professional sounds effects, loops, samples all packaged into themed bundles — you save up to 70% compared to individual purchase, by far, it's the best value for production ready audio assets available today.

Ready to use out of the box
Meticulously crafted and organized
No copyrights hassles
Clarity SFX Bundle
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11,600+ files included - AAA sound designers and game developers looking for the pure Columbian bam bam of sound effects, game audio, and sonic creativity are immediately adding Epic Stock Media’s Clarity SFX Bundle to their custom curated audio stockpile. Clarity Bundle Includes Game Voices + Bloodlust + Cybernetic Weapons + Phantom Magic + Ancient Game + Retro Game + Hybrid Game But wait, More Sound effects with a special offer of  Mobile Game and Vibrant Game SFX Library FREE.
  • 11,600+ audio and SFX assets
  • 15.57GB of samples
  • 9 libraries, 7+ hours of  sound effects
  • Designed game sounds and foley source recording assets
  • All files are mastered and memory footprint optimized
  • Embedded Soundminer metadata
  • Save big $$$ over individual product purchase
Includes 9 sound libraries / 12073+ sounds
Sound Design Starter Kit
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Get 11,158 SFX! It's the beginning of happiness for sound designers, engineers and audio creatives at every level. The Sound Design Starter Kit is the perfect sound library to jumpstart any audio production or sound design project. This premium bundle brings you a high-performance selection of designed and source sound effects. You get an instant time-saving improvement to your workflow. Sound Design Starter Kit covers a vast range of sounds from organic nature sounds, user interface sfx to sci-fi digital elements, cinematic impacts and even household source. Check out the demos. Best value available.  Now includes Epic Movie Trailer - 360 cinematic SFX - FREE
  • 11,000+ audio and SFX assets
  • 20.5GB of samples
  • 10 11 SFX libraries, 16 hours of sound
  • Designed sounds and source recordings
  • Embedded Soundminer metadata
  • Save big $$$ over individual product purchase
Includes 11 sound libraries / 11519+ sounds

Multiple file formats

All sounds are pre-mixed and mastered in multiple file formats, including WAV (96k 24 bit, 44.1k 16 bit) and MP3. HD sounds are even ready for more advanced sound design and processing.

Popular & Hard to find sounds

This extensive sound pack has sounds that fit any game genre — from organic to sci-fi, background music, cinematic intros, clicks, tocks, alarms, transitions, swooshes — you name it!

Ready right out of the box

Don’t get your soundtrack neglected because it takes too much time — use our finely structured content, find the perfect sound for your needs, and insert into your DAW or game engine in a cinch!

No copyrights hassles

Skip all the reporting, clearance and permission hassles. Don’t get dinged on YouTube for copyright violation either. All sounds are clear for use in any production, animation, podcasts, commercials — anywhere!

Made for improved workflow

Not just beatifully structured categories, but also lots of Soundminer metadata for every file. Search, preview and use all the files you need in no time, and optimize your workflow to the max!

Really affordable pricing

Get 11 best game-related sound packs for 1/3 the price of the same packs bought individually. All sounds are royalty-free and can be used unlimited times with no copyright restrictions.

Works with your favorite DAW or game engine