Bundles, Master Libraries & Epic Deals  SFX and Music Library Collections

Check out some of our best values and most popular products – Epic Stock Media sound effects and music bundles, master libraries and exclusive compilations are the fastest way to build your library and are the best values in royalty free sound effects and production music. They make a perfect compliment to your existing sound effects and music library and even better, they’re all royalty and hassle free, ready to go, time saving sound libraries that deliver awesome audio experiences to any project at any level.

game makers sound effects kit for games and sound designers

Game Makers Sound Effects Kit

7000 audio assets, SFX and loops, 10 Film and Game Sound FX Libraries. An Epic Stock Media Exclusive bundle.

Epic Arsenal Complete - 25,000 Sound effects in a Master sound effect Library

Epic Arsenal Complete

The Ultimate Value SFX Library
Over 22,000+ files with 24Gb of samples comprised of 17 game and film sound libraries!

An epicstockmedia.com exclusive!

Epic Trailer Sound Kit - A Massive Movie Trailer Sound Design Collection

Epic Trailer Sound Kit

The Ultimate Hollywood Movie Trailer Sound Design Tool Kit – Over 3400 files, 26GB of Samples and 9 Libraries from the experts at SoundMorph and Epic Stock Media

An epicstockmedia.com exclusive!

Clarity SFX Bundle - sound designers and game developers audio stockpile of sound effects and game audio

Clarity SFX Bundle

Our Most Popular 96k 24bit Film and Game SFX Collections – Over 11,000 files and 15GB of samples with 7 sound libraries bundled for savings

An epicstockmedia.com exclusive!

Ancient Game Kit - An Epic Fantasy Game Sound Effects bundle

Ancient Game Kit

Epic Fantasy Game Sound Revolutionized!
Over 4700 files – 9.6GB of samples spanning 7 discrete libraries

An epicstockmedia.com exclusive!

Production Music Bundle - the largest Royalty Free music library By Epic stock media

Production Music Bundle

The Massive Royatly Free Music Catalog
817 tracks – 6 Libraries – 10.36GB of production ready music

An epicstockmedia.com exclusive!

Sound Design Starter Kit - power pack of value a high-performance and selection of sound effects

Sound Design Starter Kit

Enter the Epic World of Sound Design!
11 libraries + 11,000 files + 10.9GB of samples under $100

An epicstockmedia.com exclusive!

Universe Bundle Massive collection of sound effects for film and games

Soundmorph Universe Bundle

The Master Library from the Audio Masterminds of SoundMorph
26,000 files, All in .Wav 96k 24bit a whopping 107GB of samples and 30 sound libraries

Warfare Bundle Military Styled sound effects for games and films

Warfare Bundle

Add some serious fire power to your SFX arsenal. Over 5,000 files – 18GB of samples in 6 libraries. Literally… Serious Bang for your buck!

Sci-Fi Bundle futuristic sound effects in a massive bundle

Sci-Fi Bundle

Epic Fantasy Game Sound Revolutionized!
Over 4700 files – 9.6GB of samples spanning 7 discrete libraries.

UI Bundle user interface sounds and effects for games and films

UI Bundle

User Interface Sounds and Plenty of Them!
Over 2,800 files – 8GB of samples – 2 sound effects libraries

Advanced Future Weapon sound effects Bundle

Future Weapons Bundle

Now you can own the Future Weapons trilogy in this massive new bundle collection. With over 60 different weapons and utilities, 1,725+ files you get alot of bang for your buck. 3 Weapon Sound Libraries in one awesome Bundle

AAA Character Voiceover Bundle

AAA Game Character Voice Bundle

High-quality selection of 8 themed fantasy game character voice over sample packs at an affordable price. You’ll hear rich vocal samples, designed voices created specifically for games and a dynamic range of scripted dialogue lines, sayings, emotes, vocalizations, custom lines, NPC lines like hello, greetings, and so much more!