Exclusive Holiday and Winter Season Sound Effects Collections Now Available
Curated by Epic Stock Media

We’ve assembled an exclusive and super helpful collection of royalty free sound libraries covering the winter and holiday season; sound effects, loops, seasonal character voices, winter weather and Foley sounds. Get ready for your next audio production masterpiece and save some budget to get gifts for your family! Holiday and Winter Season Sound libraries are on sale now 10-60% off.

This hand curated collection features 1000’s of sound effects related to celebrating the winter holidays, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and more. Sounds of sleigh bells, sound of jingle bells, Santa character voiceovers and old lady Christmas sayings and child voiceovers. A cool selection of winter weather sounds and ambient weather loops including authentic snowy mountain winds and the sound of crackling fireplace.

You’ll even find sounds of ornament drops and pickups, movement Foley plus sound libraries dedicated to the sounds of animals, sound of toys and squeaky toy sound effects, sound of dreidel, fireworks SFX. Plus this exclusive collection captures a diverse set of magic sounds and transitions that are perfect for creating those warm and magical holiday moments.

Listen to the Christmas & Holiday Sound Effects Library demo.   

royalty free winter holiday Christmas sound effects

Browse one of the best royalty free holiday and winter season sound effects collections available. Sound effects libraries curated by Epic Stock Media, almost all are on sale 10 – 50% off and only available here.

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