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Content Submission Guidelines

Content Submission Guidelines


Please note that Epic Stock Media is not obligated to approve or post for sale the content you submit to us. All submitted content will be reviewed for quality, consistency and compatibility with the Epic Stock Media store. We may approve parts / individual packs from your content submissions We may not approve all of your items submitted in their entirety. If we reject any of the content you have submitted, we may or may not provide reasons for the rejection.

This guide serves as a resource for formatting content submissions. It ensures that materials submitted to Epic Stock Media adhere to our standards of quality and integrate seamlessly with our platform. We are committed to distributing original content on Epic Stock Media. Therefore, we reserve the right not to publish any material that doesn’t comply with the below guidelines.


Each pack submission must be accompanied with the following:

  • Demo track  –(*soundcoud link) of at least one minute in length that showcases the pack’s selection of sounds. 
  • Pack artwork – (500×500 .png transparent)
  • Sound List – a .pdf document listing out all sound files provided within the sound pack.
  • Short text description = (Summary of text describing product – 1 paragraph)
  • Long text description – (1-3 paragraphs going into more detail about the sound pack as well as provide bullet point list of pack details)
  • Audio files –  (multiple formats in 96k 24bit preferred) – the minimum sample rate of 44.1kHz, and at a 16 or 24-bit depth – .Wav files only.
  • No hyperlinks to external websites. Please modify artwork , .zip files, and descriptions accordingly to correspond.
Product details bullet point list should include:
  • Number of files
  • Memory Size
  • Audio Format
  • Lapsed time – how long is the total duration of all combined audio files?
  • Metadata – What metadata is included?
  • Additional, relevant, information – i.e gear used, location recorded, inspiration etc.
Example of a well formatted sound pack:
For more details on “How To Upload A Sound Pack On ESM” please see the submission steps here:

Audio Quality Standards & Principles

Setting Up Your Brand/Shop

  1. Sign into your vendor account using the vendor login. (officially vendor login credentials would have been sent to your email.)
  2. Add your brand/store information i.e preferred payment method, shop name, seller info, shop description, brand logo (500×500).
  3. Add product – fill in the blanks starting with product name, description, product details, categories, product keywords, tags,  soundcloud demo links, youtube video links
  4. Add price & download links. 
  5. Repeat for every product.

Increasing Sales

  1. Make each product page look atheistically pleasing with compelling graphics, demos, copy writing i.e add demos, videos, format your headings, text, product descriptions, add key points, meta data. Fill in as many of the blanks as you can.
  2. Add relevant tags to each product – so users can find your products in the search engine. i.e type, form, feel, atheistic, processing used, genre, categories etc.
  3. Set products on sale from time to time. Who doesn’t like a good sale?
  4. Reach out to us to do a marketing campaign.
  5. Never give up & keep making products.


[email protected]

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can get any issues resolved as soon as possible.

We focus on providing our customers with content that’s full of character and flavor, and our goal is to work with you to release packs that reinforce your unique brand. If you have any questions or ideas that you’d like to run by us, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Content Submission Guidelines

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