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Game Makers Sound Effects Kit

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Epic Stock Media

Game Makers Sound Effects Kit includes more than 7100 audio assets, SFX and loops. Ready for assignment on your next video, game and motion graphics production, Game Makers Sound Effects Kit is an audio power pack and massive library of game sound effects and loops with a total value of $590. Inside you’ll find 10 game sound FX libraries – , Builder Game, Card Game, Mobile Game, Puzzle Game, War UI, Vibrant Game, Quest Game, Fantasy Game and Fantasy World. An Epic Stock Media exclusive. 

  • 7100+ game ready audio assets
  • 15.5GB of game sound effects
  • All in 24bit / 96khz .wav
  • AAA Game Sound Effects Collection
  • Amazing Deal

$239.00 $590.00

$847.00 for 3 item(s)

Product Details:

Includes over 8+ hours of sound, All in high quality .WAV 96k 24bit resolution. The Game Makers Sound Effects Kit delivers premium sound samples for any type of game or motion graphics. This is a perfect collection of sounds for any level of sound designer and game developer who needs a wide range of quality sound effects that are ready to use out of the box. Designed specifically for games, film, motion graphics by award-winning sound designers. Includes everything you need to create an immersive and expressive gameplay sound experience.

Library Name Retail Price
Ambient Game $49
Builder Game $49
Fantasy Game $49
Fantasy World $49
Vibrant Game $59
Mobile Game $59
Puzzle Game $49
War UI $69
Card Game $59
Quest Game $99
Total Retail Cost: $590

These battle-tested and proven production-ready sound effect assets help you get your project done fast. Save $341 when you purchase the Game Makers Sound Effects Kit versus purchasing products separately! 

Image Library Name # Sounds Description Formats Lapsed Time Memory Included in Bundle
Ambient Game - most popular game sound effects library Ambient Game 600 The soundstage is set for an immersive listening experience sending your audience adrift in the ambience of warm and colorful gameplay environments. Like legendary titles Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot, Ambient Game is designed to convey the cozy, family-time popular game sounds that seasoned users recognize and new generation players love. All files in .WAV 96k 24 bit and 44.1k 16 bit resolution 17 m 841.6 MB
Builder Game - cartoon adventure sounds and effects library Builder Game 625 A special sonic tribute to the exploration of the world of builder games. Your pack is complete with bubbly items and collects, designed cute UI, cartoon creatures, door opens, closes in many styles like treasure chests, apothecary cabinets, wooden and more. All files in .WAV 96k 24 bit and 44.1k 16 bit resolution 9 m 431.4 MB
Fantasy Game - Immersive Fantasy sounds and effects sound library Fantasy Game 517 Inspired by hit computer games like World of Warcraft, and Diablo. Tell your story, equip your quest and outfit the adventures in your fantasy world with imaginative and immersive sounds, effects and creative crafted audio. All files in .WAV 96k 24 bit and 44.1k 16 bit resolution 14 m 734.6 MB
Fantasy World - Game Ambience Loop Sound Library Fantasy World 111 With Fantasy World get dynamic loop-able audio assets. Inspired by massive hit games like World of Warcraft and The Elder Scrolls, Fantasy World is an all original royalty free ambience loop library designed to help you create stunning and immersive audio environments quickly. You’ll be well equipped to create background sound effects and scene setting ambient tones that bring your Fantasy World to life. All files in .WAV 96k 24 bit resolution 2 h 3 m 4.2  GB
Vibrant Game - collection of gameplay and Mobile Game sound effects Library Vibrant Game 503 A sound FX library perfect for: 2D, 3D, mobile app, puzzle, cartoon, and animated games, trivia, party or logic games, multiplayer board games, card games, arcade and scroller style games. Speed-up your workflow by an x-factor when you use these RTU-OTB (ready to use out of the box) sounds, effects, and loops. All files in .WAV 96k 24 bit and 44.1k 16 bit resolution 17 m 705 MB Clarity SFX Bundle
Mobile Game Sound FX Library Mobile Game 578 A truly fun and genuinely gameplay inspired sound effects library. Filled with a thorough selection of popular game ready audio assets, Mobile Game gives you sounds that you can quickly implement inside any game to give it a familiar “hit app” game feel. All files in .WAV 96k 24 bit and 44.1k 16 bit resolution 30 m 891.9 MB Clarity SFX Bundle
Puzzle Game - fantastic user interface and gameplay sound effects library Puzzle Game 562 Puzzle Game Sound Effects Library is industry-defining game ready sound effects. Full of spunk, sparkly tones, and bubbly frequencies, Puzzle Game gives you access to the game sound assets your users are expecting. All files in .WAV 96k 24 bit and 44.1k 16 bit resolution 11 m 641.6 MB
war ui - sound effect library for military interface sounds War UI 1764 Quickly outfit your characters with pre-built military classes, gear, inventory, notifications, unlocks and alerts. From natural and organic SFX to highly designed and processed epic war style electronic and digital SFX, all assembled into a value-packed comprehensive collection of sounds and effects. All files in .WAV 96k 24 bit and 44.1k 16 bit resolution 1 h 3 m 2.6 GB
Card Game - a complete cache of sound effects, samples and loops for any style digital collectible card game Card Game 503 A complete cache of sound effects, samples, and loops for any style digital collectible card game (DCCG) project. AAA Card Game Sound Effects Kit delivers the right variety of sounds to outfit the audio associated with each of your game classes with something completely unique. It’s effortless to give users something to dig in to. All files in .WAV 96k 24 bit and 44.1k 16 bit resolution 20 m 888.7 MB
Quest Game Sound Effects Library Quest Game 1314 Muster a hoard of orcs, create the soundscapes of village life or outfit fantasy character actions with ease. With more than 1300 mix and master ready audio assets in your cache, Quest Game is a king’s ransom of premium quality AAA game ready sound effects that turn the tides in your favor. All files in .WAV 96k 24 bit and 44.1k 16 bit resolution 2 h 43 m 4.86 GB

Product Specs

Product Number:


Current Version:


Total Size of Samples:


Total Number of Files:


Format and Resolution:

.WAV 96k 24 bit resolution

Lapsed Time:

8+ hours



License Description:

Single user license, royalty-free - for a multi-user license, click here

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  1. jdgelok (verified owner)

    This is a great deal on sounds. I love these effects.
    I also didn’t read “the these links will expire in X days” bit and also got into a small panic but thankfully they’ve been able to fix me up well.
    Great variety of sounds


  2. liamlughhouston (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic!
    Huge variety of quality sounds, in excellent cohesive packs.
    Very happy with my purchase this bundle is ridiculous value for the price.
    ALSO I’m dumb and didn’t read the “these links will expire in X days” bit in the download link email, then had a panic attack when I went to download the rest of the sound files and my links didn’t work.
    But got in contact with them and they reactivated my links in no time, pleasant experience all round.


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