Become a Vendor

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Cooking up some audio assets or software goodness? Products that you think are worth sharing to the world? Apply to become a Vendor.

Simple Reasons Why:

Non Exclusive

On Epic Stock Media you retain full ownership of all product deliverables. We are a non Exclusive marketplace! Join, sell, be merry!

Existing Customers

Get Access to a unique and existing customer-base for your products to been seen. Did we mention we are growing that base rapidly?

A Growing Catalogue

Epic Stock Media has been collecting HQ assets from top level vendors for years. Yours could be the next big thing!

Secure File Delivery

All products are securely delivered via AWS S3 ensuring security and reliability for your content and our customers.

We Sell Stuff Too

We make our own products and sell them here. So that means we need to drive users to our platform, We are invested in selling our own products and selling yours!

Accept Credit Cards

Your customers won’t need a paypal account. Epic Stock Media is fully integrated with the Paypal platform, making it easy to accept payments in a number of currencies.

Set Your Prices

Easily set your own prices and earn how much you want. Average price per library typically ranges from $10 to $1000.

Simple Commissions & Monthly Payouts

We charge 30% commission – meaning you get to keep 70% revenue generated. Get paid directly into your Paypal account! We pay our vendors on a monthly bases. The pay period is 15th to the 15th


Track past purchases and all of your sales, earnings and customer information is viewable in an easy-to-read format on the backend control panel.

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