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Licensing EPIC STOCK MEDIA Sound Effects 

100% Non-Exclusive, Commercial, Worldwide License. For Companies, Schools, & Individuals
Royalty free sound effects library packs

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Are you independent, in-house, or working alongside a team? Together, with our award-winning designers, we offer access to a massive, curated and evolving archive of professional sound effects. With flexible licensing options offered, you have the ability to assemble your own plan best suited to your budget and creative requirements. Contact one of our licensing professionals today for a guided quote that best fits you and your audio needs.

Our ESM Licensing Plans

Pick the plan best suited to your team.

Single User

Freelancers working independently Companies/Brands with just 1 person working with audio

Multi-User Teams

Companies/Teams with two or more users working with sound.

Academic / Non-Commercial

Best for individual nonprofit organizations or academic institutes.

Your license covers:

What is a user? A “User” is any person at your company (employee or contractor) who will be working with the sound effects library.

*Need licensing for more than one user? Contact us using the form below.


  • Manipulate the sound effects files however you like: eg. edit, layer, process, warp, and twist sounds to oblivion.
  • Layer with other sounds
  • Synchronize with video/time/media or other sonic elements
  • Use sound effects as part of commercial or production music
  • Create copies of sound effects files to optimize your workflow and have emergency backup. Not to distribute to an unlicensed 3rd party.


  • Re-sell sound effects files in any way.
  • Make raw sound effects files available to a 3rd party in any way.
  • Sell in relaxation or meditation apps, or incorporate sounds as part of a web or app-based soundboard.
  • Embed in audio related software, or hardware
  • Bundle sounds in physical products such as toys or wearable tech.
  • Create copies of sound effects to provide to an unlicensed 3rd party.
  • Train machine learning algorithms for commercial use.
  • Embed sound effects to be sold as or in part of NFTs.

Working on NFT, audio app, machine learning, a toy, or app? Email [email protected] to make sure you’re covered. 

Purchasing Options

Amplify your results by choosing a purchasing option that works best for your team and budget.

Perpetual Buyout License

  • Ideal for small companies and teams
  • 1-Time purchase – use your library forever
  • Lifetime license rights
  • No ongoing payments
  • Standard non-exclusive license

View Single User Licensing Agreement

Annual Blanket License

  • Ideal for companies/schools with many users
  • Flat, Annual fee covers unlimited usage
  • Customize deal to your unique specs
  • Allows for full legal review
  • View MULA License Agreement

View MULA Licensing Agreement

If you’re not sure which license or purchase type is best for you, email us at [email protected] or fill out the Form to get expert advice from a Licensing Specialist.

Evolving Sound Effects Vault Solutions

Vaults Are Sound Effects Libraries Packaged Into Themed Master Collections. Each Vault Includes New Epic Stock Media Sound Pack Releases For 1 Year. (Releases Vary Based On Each Vault Type.) Vaults Increase In Value & Price As Time Goes On. Order Today To Get The Best ESM Deal!

Ready? Get Started Now!

Our Epic Stock Media Team serves ALL categories of creators – Independents, that aim for ultimate quality productions, to significant studio teams worldwide.

No obligation to buy – Fill out the form below and an ESM Licensing rep will be in touch within 1 business day! Need immediate help? Email [email protected]

Licensing Request Form


Licensing FAQs

We accept bank transfer, check, credit card, or PayPal. If additional payment options are needed, please let us know what your purchasing requirements are.

No problem! Once you’ve filled out the form, submitted it, you’ll receive a quote within (24-48 hours). From there, your licensing rep will be happy to draft a custom license agreement for your legal purposes. Please let us know if this is a requirement for you.


A “User” is any person at your company (employee or contractor) who will be working with the sound effects library.

You’re allowed to create an unlimited number of synchronized productions, meaning you may mix sound effects with other elements (e.g. video, other sonic). It must be used in “Sync” with other forms of media. You can also edit, layer, process, warp, and twist sounds to oblivion.

Our standard license covers usage for one (1) User – if you have multiple people at your company or organization who will be working with the sound effects library, you must obtain a multi-user license.

For a more complete rundown of how licensing works, check out our Licensing Page, or contact us at [email protected], or call 615-864-4616.

You cannot re-sell sound effects in any way.

Besides that, if you would like to include sound effects in a mobile or web app where your end users can control playback of the sound (e.g. soundboard, nature/relaxation app, ringtones, etc.), you will need to obtain a Custom Application License (CAL).

If you’re interested in a CAL please contact us at [email protected], or 615-864-4616.

Yes, but depending on how sounds will be incorporated in the experience of the app, you may require a Custom Application License.

Please contact us at [email protected], or 615-864-4616 to make sure you get the right license.


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