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Fantasy Game SFX with Update v1.1

Sample audio

Fantasy Game SFX with Update v1.1


New Sounds Added Update: 108 new sound effects added for no additional cost! More than 600 sound effects inspired by hit computer games like World of Warcraft, and Diablo. Tell your story, equip your quest and outfit the adventures in your fantasy world with imaginative and immersive sounds, effects and creative, professionally-designed audio.

  • 625 sound effects
  • 887.3 MB of audio samples
  • 25 minutes of game audio
  • Perfect for MMO, RPG, Adventure games
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Epic Stock Media Creates Royalty Free Sound Effects for Games Film TV Video Production Music. Welcome to Epic Stock Media! Browse, search and find unique sound effects and sample libraries and audio SFX bundles that make your production EPIC. These hand-picked sound effects Libraries are from some of the best and weirdest sound creators in the world. Including our selves. We create game and audio assets that hopefully shape the way users experience your games and audio productions. We Dedicated ESM to Creatives! Teaming up with the hottest sound designers and audio producers in their fields we ensure highly coveted products that deliver the sounds required to fuel the next generation of both indie and commercial blockbuster hits. A new era of sound and sound design is upon us. Sound Epic! Live Epic! Epic Stock Media.


What people say about Fantasy Game SFX with Update v1.1


Good Value These sound effects seem to be geared toward RPG games - lots of "pick-ups," "magic spells" and the like. I am not designing an RPG, but I still found good use for a number of the effects. They're definitely all high quality and fun to listen to. Would recommend to a friend.


A lot of sounds! Nice asset, with all the sounds I needed.


I got it during the "fantastic fantasy"-sale. So I can not complain about the price. Because I wouldn't be able to create such sounds I don't know if the price is ok or not. Cause I got it during a sale it is ok for me. The asset itself provide some nice sounds. I haven't discovered any problems with them.


Honestly, without it I wouldn't know where to start, I totally agree with every other review about the price, but also this guy had taken his time to separate on folders these sounds, it worth some money, yes.... so thank you it will be very helpful, I got on fantasy pack sale and worth my money.


I'm not sure what the issue is with a lot of these reviews. Yes, a lot of them sound similar. They're SUPPOSED to. You're intended to use the similar sounding clips randomly, to give a bit of variation, so they're less repetitive. I don't see any issues with the volume, either. The sound effects seem well labeled as well The creature sound effects are pretty limited, not really a fan, but I really like the crafting and gathering sound effects. This pack covers a whole lot of bases I do think $40 is a bit high, but I really like this pack


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