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Sound Design Starter Kit

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Sound Design Starter Kit - power pack of value a high-performance and selection of sound effects
11519sound effects
11sound libraries
20+ GBof samples
16+ hours of sound
$509real value
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About this bundle

Level up your sound palette with 11,158 SFX when you take hold of the Sound Design Starter Kit by Epic Stock Media! It's the beginning of happiness for sound designers, engineers, and audio creatives at every level. The Sound Design Starter Kit is the perfect sound library to jumpstart any audio production or sound design project. This premium bundle brings you a high-performance selection of designed and source sound effects. Save time with an improved workflow when you unleash the mesmerizing arsenal of sound contained within the Sound Design Starter Kit.

Sound Design Starter Kit covers a vast range of sounds from organic nature sounds, user interface sfx, sci-fi digital elements, cinematic impacts, and even household source sounds! Check out the demos to see what all the hype is about! We even threw in an additional 360 Cinematic SFX from our highly regarded Epic Movie Trailer pack to give you that extra edge needed for mesmerizing audio/video productions!

Bundle Highlights
  • Multiple genres: digital, mechanical, technology, cinematic, arcade, game, causal, nature, whooshes, movement, trailer, sci-fi, ui, foley and more!
  • 11 sound libraries compatible with all major sound, video, & game editing softwares and organized into easy to understand categories.
  • Provides Solid Variety of SFX
  • The Sound Design Start Kit
  • Provides a Solid Diverse Variety of SFX all in high-quality WAV audio file format.
  • A Great Value at an unbeatable price!

What's in the bundle11519 sound effects

Listen to demos

Get ready for inspiration. Check out these audio demos and confirm yourself the power and versatility of the Sound Design Starter Kit. Demo tracks are organized in the same easy-to-use categories that you will find in the Sound Design Starter Kit sound library.

A Heavy-Weight In The Ring Of Quality Assured Sound Effects

Vetted, tested and proven. Get everything you need to elevate your projects value & complete the sound for your project whether it be a game, motion graphics, product video, or anything in between. This is the foundation of an epic sound library for your production studio.
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Harness a massive sound collection

Get everything you need to complete the sound for your project — whether it’s a game, motion graphics, product video or anything in between.

A Large Collection Of Perfection

With more than ten thousand sounds in over 20 genres, now you can easily find the perfect sound to fit your game in no time. All professionally crafted and carefully selected, these sounds will up your production value tremendously!

A Power Pack of Value, Tested and Proven Production-Ready Sound Effect Assets.

The Sound Design Starter Kit saves you time, energy, and effort with the vast array of content bundled within. Sounds include: Gameplay Sounds, Risers, Cinematic Impacts, Spells, Sparkles, Glitter, Magical Transitions and Whooshes, Touches, Unlocks, Digital, Technology, Notifications, User interface, UI/UX sounds, Water and organic textures, Space Impacts, Lazers, Healing Potions, Bass Hits, Drops, and more! Check out each library's content list for details.
If purchased separately you would be spending $500+ to obtain all of these expertly crafted selections! Act now and save big on the Sound Design Starter Kit – An epic bundle of SFX and audio resources.

Easily Expand and Customize In Ways Never Before Possible In A Single Package.

Instantly transform your workstation & workflow. Say goodbye to the headaches of having to license single sound effects. This sound design kit is well stocked, organized and hits the spot. Great to quickly bolster your existing sound bank or start your very own library!

Entry Level Sound Effects

A great collection of vetted, tried and true sound effects fulfilling almost any projects needs. You can easily score films, make game sounds, and start producing dynamic cinematics for movie trailers. Small Price, Big Package!

No Copyrights Hassles

Skip all the reporting, clearance and permission hassles. Don’t get dinged on YouTube for copyright violation either. All sounds are clear for use in any film, movie, social media, podcasts, production, animation, TV, advertisements, commercials - anywhere!

Affordable Pricing For Any Level

With the Sound Design Starter Kit you will gain 11 multi-faceted & versatile sound packs for fractions of the cost if bought individually. All sounds are 100% Royalty-Free and can be used an unlimited amount of times without worry of copyright restrictions.
Works with your DAW or game engine

Speaking by Experience

A great selection!
The foundation of my SFX library starts here. Cool sounds and a great selection.
Buy now you'll thank me later!
Buy now you'll thank me later! This pack covers many bases and still provides loads of unique sounds too. Quality is good and really the value is unbeatable. Great place to start for those building a library and I've had outstanding results in creating my own mash-ups. Worth it for sure.
Great Collection with outstanding support!
Great Collection with outstanding support! This is a simply huge pack of high quality wav files that can be used in many different games, you will find yourself reusing it again and again, even if only for a couple of sounds here and there. This will fast become one of those packs you automatically install at the beginning of each project. Additionally - A note on support: I had an issue (with one sound effect) after an update and the publisher, after I contacted his support, fixed it immediately. I'm very impressed with the professionalism, speed and delivery all round.
Perfect for what I needed
Great stuff Perfect for what I needed. Thank you
A library in itself!
Completely chuffed with this collection. I generally enjoy making my own sounds - how I imagine they should be - however, this offers a large variety of high quality content. I'd recommend it but I want to keep the sounds for myself!
Extremely useful for an arcade game.
Extremely useful for an arcade game. Very useful sound pack when prototyping.

Inspired by The Most Popular Games & Film

This is the best collection of sounds for any level of sound designer and game developer who needs a wide range of quality sound effects that are ready to use out of the box.
Perfect for mobile, ambient, digital, side-scroller, mechanical, technology, cartoon, cinematic, arcade, game, causal, nature, whooshes, movement, trailer, sci-fi, ui, foley and more ... all well ordered and ready to drag-n-drop!
Compatible with any video editing software, DAW or game engine
Highly versatile and wide-ranging production suite
11,000+ audio and SFX assets
20.5 GB of samples
11 SFX libraries, 16 hours of sound
Designed sounds and source recordings
Embedded Soundminer Metadata
Save BIG when you BUY a BUNDLE!
All royalty-free
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11519sound effects
11sound libraries
20+ GBof samples
16+ hours of sound
$509real value
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