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Sound Design Starter Kit

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Get 11,158 SFX 80% Off It’s the beginning of happiness for sound designers, engineers and audio creatives at every level. The Sound Design Starter Kit is the perfect sound library to jumpstart any audio production or sound design project. This premium bundle brings you a high performance selection of designed and source sound effects. You get an instant time saving improvement to your workflow.

Sound Design Starter Kit covers a vast range of sounds from organic nature sounds, user interface sfx to sci-fi digital elements, cinematic impacts and even household source. Check out the demos. Best value available.  Now includes Epic Movie Trailer – 360 cinematic SFX – FREE

  • 11,000+ audio and SFX assets
  • 10.9GB of samples
  • 10 libraries, 16 hours of sound
  • Designed sounds and source recordings
  • Embedded Soundminer metadata
  • Save $$$ over individual product purchase

$89.00 $480.00

$619.00 for 3 item(s)

Sound Design Starter Kit includes:

A power pack of value, tested and proven production-ready sound effect assets. The Sound Design Starter Kit saves you time, energy, and provides you with premium content. – Save $371! when you purchase the Sound Design Starter Kit versus purchasing products separately! Sounds include: Gameplay Sounds, Risers, Cinematic Impacts, Spells, Sparkles, Glitter, Magical Transitions and Whooshes, Touches, Unlocks, Digital, Technology, Notifications, User interface, UI/UX sounds, Water and organic textures, Space Impacts, Lazers, Healing Potions, Bass Hits, Drops… See each library’s content list for details. Regular price $480 if purchased separately. Act now and save big on the Sound Design Starter Kit, an epic bundle of SFX and audio resources. Buy it today and get your project done tonight!

What’s Inside the Sound Design Starter Kit

We’ve been working our ears off recently in order to bring you the most comprehensive best valued sound effects libraries on the market. 10 Libraries + 11,158 files + 10.9GB of Samples. The Sound Design Starter Kit is a next-generation master library that equals a whopping 16 hours of awesomeness. Memory-optimized, production ready and full metadata with Soundminer. This is the foundation of an epic sound library for your production studio. Check out what’s inside:

Image Library Name # Sounds Description Formats Lapsed Time Memory Included in Bundle
Advanced Game Sounds- Indie Game Sound effects Library Advanced Game Sounds 3119 Perfect for game developers, animators and motion graphics designers, Advanced Game Sounds will pay for itself over and over as an electrifying power pack of thousands of diverse and compelling source and engineered sounds. WAV 44.1k 16 bit resolution 1h 22m 1.11 GB Epic Arsenal Complete
Advanced UI 928 Today’s producers and sound designers tap into a versatile and wide-ranging anthology of user interface style sounds. From natural, organic and minimal pops, beeps and chirps to 8-Bit, hybrid and highly processed, electronic and digital SFX. WAV 44.1k 16 bit resolution 21m 281.7 MB  Epic Arsenal Complete
Bane Cinematics 475 Sinister and sweet, towering and terrifying this cinematic movie trailer style sounds and effects collection imparts an entire revolution of drama and suspense into your cinematic movie, trailer, and video productions. WAV 44.1k 16 bit resolution 2h 42m 1.75 GB  Epic Arsenal Complete
Blockbuster Trailer 502 Cinematic big hits, risers, whooshes, textures and more make this one of our most exciting libraries that insproductions.io production with sounds like epic Hollywood box office hits. WAV 44.1k 16 bit resolution 1h 21m  877.2 MB Epic Arsenal Complete
Digital Elements 946 Complex computer sounds, digital electronics, morphs, and tech sounding textures are at the core of Epic Sounds and FX collection. This hand curated volume will allow you to demonstrate digitally oriented, intense, and intricate visuals with ease. .WAV 44.1k 16 bit resolution 1h 33m 1.14 GB Epic Arsenal Complete
Epic Nature Loops 70 This natural selection of seamless loops is a subset of our Organic Nature sound library. Particularly suited for games, multi-layer environments, and backgrounds – includes wind, water, rain, thunder, and fire. .WAV 44.1k 16 bit resolution 36m 385.1 MB  Epic Arsenal Complete
Household Source 2661 Extracted Source samples of various domestic items found around the home. Enhance your source cues, clean up your O-tracks, augment your productions reality with this ultra-affordable and jam-packed volume of household and domestic sounds. .WAV 44.1k 16 bit resolution 1h 35m 1.23 GB  Epic Arsenal Complete
Modulated Movement 588 A cohesive and potent collection of the sounds things make when in motion. Be it mechanical, organic, tech, sci-fi, futuristic, articulated or ambient, this collection plays the perfect complement to characters, machines, objects, transitions or motions. WAV 44.1k 16 bit resolution 15m 205.6 MB Epic Arsenal Complete
Organic Nature 161 An ultra flexible, practical collection of ambient nature sounds that perform in the clutch when you need to call on Mother Nature. No need to go out and get wet, frozen, sunburned, soaked and sweaty to capture these awesome sounds. .WAV 44.1k 16 bit resolution 3h 17m 2.17 GB Epic Arsenal Complete
Sci-fi Evolution 1708 Breaking aural boundaries and ushering in a new era of sci-fi action and adventure and made to make your earthly productions sound out of this world, these audio assets have been hatched from proprietary alien waveforms. .WAV 44.1k 16 bit resolution 1h 32m 1.06 GB  Epic Arsenal Complete

Product Specs

Product Number:


Current Version:


Total Size of Samples:


Total Number of Files:


Format and Resolution:

.WAV 44.1k 16bit Resolution

Lapsed Time:

16 h 34 m



License Description:

Single user license, royalty-free - for a multi-user license, click here

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  1. Randy S (verified owner)

    The foundation of my SFX library starts here. Cool sounds and a great selection.

    Randy S

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