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AAA Card Game – DCCG Sound Effects Kit

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AAA Card Game - DCCG Sound Effects Kit

Gwent to Yu-Gi-Oh, Hearthstone to Eternal – AAA Card Game – DCCG Sound Effects Kit from Epic Stock Media is a complete cache of sound effects, samples and loops for any style digital collectible card game (DCCG) project. AAA Card Game Sound Effects Kit delivers the right variety of sounds to outfit the audio associated with each of your game classes with something completely unique. It’s effortless to give users something to dig in to. Create classes, characters, decks and cards with their own distinct sound and feel with AAA Card Game. Shuffle the deck. Deal and play. Now it’s your turn to dominate the board. Sound like top grossing mobile and console card style games with AAA Card Game – DCCG Sound Effects Kit. NEW RELEASE!
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Epic Stock Media

Epic Stock Media is a digital media company established in 2014. We create, publish and distribute sound and digital media products that change the way you hear and interact with audio in games, films, TV, live performances. Our products are used around the world, anywhere people consume digital media.


What people say about AAA Card Game – DCCG Sound Effects Kit

Lukáš Tvrdoň

Very rich palette of fantasy-themed UI. Often elements-orientated (water, fire..). This lib belongs to top, I would say.

1 1

As always, excellent! 一如既往的出色出色

Gary Li

Great!! Easy to use, it's very helpful for a game developer.


It is easy to use because it is well organized by property! Especially for those who are developing 1 person seems to be useful. It's convenient for use because it's well organized by attributes.awesome


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