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Quest Game

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Quest Game

1316 Game Ready Audio Assets! Join our sound designers and creative engineers on an epic journey across the fields of Rohan to the great Misty Mountains to discover and create the perfect alchemy of Quest Game. An entirely new collection of game ready sound effects for building your own immersive world of fantasy gameplay, action, and adventure.

Muster a hoard of orcs, create the soundscapes of village life or outfit fantasy character actions with ease. With more than 1300 mix and master ready audio assets in your cache, Quest Game is a king’s ransom of premium quality AAA game ready sound effects that turn the tides in your favor. Quest Game! FTW

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Epic Stock Media

Epic Stock Media is a digital media company established in 2014. We create, publish and distribute sound and digital media products that change the way you hear and interact with audio in games, films, TV, live performances. Our products are used around the world, anywhere people consume digital media.


What people say about Quest Game


Awesome! Well worth the money.


Artem Davydov

Good library for quick problem solving


Well I bought this today from my phone, kinda forget to set up an account first. Had to give Andrew a call to get the content transferred when I set up the account at home. Really friendly, helpful, upbeat and generous would be the way I would describe that phone call in a nutshell. I felt like I was talking to an old friend or colleague I'd been interacting with well for years. He got the problem I created fixed while we chatted away, even thru in another pack of sounds for kicks... although I'm not sure why as I said the whole thing was my fault. So I downloaded the files from the site, avoiding those nasty couldn't decompress package errors. Unity users know what I'm talking about and started perusing my purchase. All I can say is I'm still dumbfounded by the raw quantity and variety of sounds available. Many similar but different types of a huge variety of different sounds. Enough different ambiance and sound effects to fill a game and enough variety in each to fit a different feel. The quality is also just stunning. Babbling brooks, drippy dungeons with howling winds. Exploding fireballs driving rain storms and in the add on pack I was delighted to discover about 40 or 50 different common monster sounds from short voice clips to grunts, and death screams. Absolutely amazing. DON'T be squeamish about the price your getting not only all 1300 sounds in mp3 format but also in 16 and 24 bit format as well. The value is practically unbeatable.


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