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Multi User Licensing


The reason for this document is to provide you, the Licensee, an overview of the Leading Terms you will discover within your ESM Multi-User License Agreement (MULA). 

Once a decision has been made to get set up, your MULA will be fully tailored to assure the number of users you possess. Your MULA will be custom built with added flexibility to maximize our Libraries and your investment as your coordination and production demands change over time.  

These Leading Terms will inform you of the primary information needed for understanding how our multi-user licensing functions. Many clients have found it helpful to examine the document internally as they gather initial decisive information – we recommend you do the same.

Your authentic MULA will be customized – when you are fully prepared to receive a tailored MULA and price quote, please Sign up for Consultation or Quote, by emailing us at [email protected] or calling our Licensing Department (615) 864-4616.

Leading Terms of ESM MULA:

This Multi-User License Agreement gives your Company the commercial rights to utilize sounds within ESM Libraries for your productions and products. Similar to software, our pricing is based on the number of ESM Library users. Below are the primary Leading Terms of ESM MULA:  

  • Usage: Unlimited royalty-free usage of sounds from ESM Libraries in unlimited productions or products created by you, the Licensee.
  • Synchronization: all sounds from ESM Libraries must be Synchronized with a visual (video games, film, tv, video) or time (mixed in audiobook, podcast, music track).  “Synch” also requires that the sounds cannot be separated, uncoupled, or manipulated once your production is shared, broadcast, and/or distributed.
  • Users: number of users who will be accessing and utilizing the ESM Libraries routinely. Pricing is based on the number of users you have. The ESM MULA may grant you the power to add and remove users at any time during the agreed Term.
  • Productions/Products: any Content created using sounds from ESM Libraries are free and clear from any royalty in perpetuity. You, the Licensee, own the Products you create with ESM sounds evermore, including the ability to sell, distribute, and sublicense as preferred. 
  • Broadcast Territory: Worldwide in any medium here after including but not limited to video games, videos, DVDs, websites, podcasts, multimedia presentations, films, television, and radio.
  • Payment: We offer our ESM clients two ways of purchasing a valid License: 
  1. Limited-term subscription with annual payment terms – License Term: Our ESM standard annually-paid MULA term is 3 years, which commences upon your purchase date. In some cases, ESM may offer 1 or 5 year initial terms.
  2. Perpetual buyout with one up front payment. 
  • Pricing: MULA License pricing is based on
  1. Number of users
  2. Which ESM libraries you wish to use within your productions.

Consult our License Professional for Pricing Examples. For select clients, ESM may customize the MULA to supply an annual fee per site, account for floating licenses and mechanical rights. ESM also offers significantly discounted rates to academic institutions that seek non-commercial licenses.


How to Obtain your Multi-User License:

When you are fully prepared, contacting an ESM Licensing Professional is the next step. Your Licensing Professional will provide you with the following information:

  1. A specialized quote for your solution, including desired libraries and/or our suggestions based upon your requirements.
  2. A tailored License Agreement outline for your internal review.


To contact an ESM Licensing Professional:

Sign up for Consultation or Quote, email us at [email protected] or calling our Licensing Department (615) 864-4616.

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Licensing FAQs

A “User” is any person at your company (employee or contractor) who will be working with the sound effects library.

You’re allowed to create an unlimited number of synchronized productions, meaning you may mix sound effects with other elements (e.g. video, other sonic). It must be used in “Sync” with other forms of media. You can also edit, layer, process, warp, and twist sounds to oblivion.

Our standard license covers usage for one (1) User – if you have multiple people at your company or organization who will be working with the sound effects library, you must obtain a multi-user license.

For a more complete rundown of how licensing works, check out our Licensing Page, or contact us at [email protected], or call 615-864-4616.

You cannot re-sell sound effects in any way.

Besides that, if you would like to include sound effects in a mobile or web app where your end users can control playback of the sound (e.g. soundboard, nature/relaxation app, ringtones, etc.), you will need to obtain a Custom Application License (CAL).

If you’re interested in a CAL please contact us at [email protected], or 615-864-4616.

Yes, but depending on how sounds will be incorporated in the experience of the app, you may require a Custom Application License.

Please contact us at [email protected], or 615-864-4616 to make sure you get the right license.

We accept bank transfer, check, credit card, or PayPal. If additional payment options are needed, please let us know what your purchasing requirements are.

No problem! Once you’ve filled out the form, submitted it, you’ll receive a quote within (24-48 hours). From there, your licensing rep will be happy to draft a custom license agreement for your legal purposes. Please let us know if this is a requirement for you.


Multi User Licensing

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