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Epic Arsenal Complete

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Epic Arsenal Complete - 25,000 Sound effects in a Master sound effect Library
22511sound effects
18sound libraries
24 GB of samples
21+ hours of sound
$921real value
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About this bundle

Designed Bundle for sound designers & audio creatives at any level.

Epic Arsenal Complete is a hybrid collection of sound effects, loops, and samples that hit on multiple genres & sound categories. The organization and sheer amount of content will help game developers, film editors, & sound designers have a solid foundation when it comes to doing foley work, sound design, prototyping, final game sound, etc. All sound effects are provided in WAV audio file format which are mixed and mastered and ready for production. Plus, each file is embedded with Soundminer Metadata.

Epic Arsenal - Complete's sound collection offers an outstanding amount of sonic firepower and creative inspiration. Fulfill your clients & project needs fast with sounds that tell stories, cause immersive experiences, and makes your audio sound great. It will easily become the backbone of your studio SFX to push your creations and pre-existing sound banks to the next level.

Bundle Highlights
  • Features genres like: Magic, UI, cinematic, Nature, Arcade, Retro, Weapons, Whooshes, Transitions, Foley, Character Voices, Blood & Gore, FPS, MMO & more.
  • Ample amounts of designed and raw source recordings
  • All files are mastered and memory footprint optimized
  • Embedded Soundminer Metadata
  • All 100% Royalty-Free
  • Versatile & Wide Ranging
  • Perfect for Film Editors & Sound Designers

What's in the bundle22511 sound effects

Listen to demos

Get ready for inspiration. Check out these audio demos and confirm yourself the power and versatility of the Epic Arsenal Complete. Demo tracks are organized in the same easy-to-use categories that you will find in the Epic Arsenal Complete sound library.

#1 Sound Effects Collection To Instantly Boost Your Production!

Get one of the most comprehensive sound suites that will truly elevate the quality of your game or production's sound design. Tens of thousands of premium sound effects, crafted for those pushing forward!
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Harness a Beastly Sound Collection

Get everything you need to complete the sound for your project — whether it’s a game, motion graphics, product video, or anything in between.

Complete Projects & Hit Deadlines. Faster!

Gain a faster workflow & speed efficiency like never before. With a thoughtfully organized archive of sounds you will be able to find your category, find your sound, and drag and drop it into your software of choice – that’s it! The organization, labeling, & quality will save you time, energy, and effort allowing you to complete the task at hand.

Extremely Useful & Powerful

Inside you will find everything needed to complete the sound for your project whether it’s a trailer, motion graphics, game, or anything in between.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Enter the industry with an unmatched reservoir of high-quality sound fx. This will save you lots of time, money, & headaches. With Epic Arsenal Complete all sounds are all pre-mixed and mastered & ready for final export or build. No further editing is needed!

Ready Right Out Of The Box

Don’t neglect your soundtrack because it takes too much time. Use our finely structured content and insert into your DAW or game engine to feed the needs of your next upcoming project. Great for rapid prototyping or final game sound.

Streamlined Metadata

Beyond the beautifully structured folders & categories, you will find lots of file labeling & Soundminer Metadata included for every file. Search, preview, and bring to fruition all the sound needed for your next production! Enjoy the higher heights of an optimized workflow when you dive into the uncharted territories of Epic Arsenal Complete.

Increased Workflow

Every library contained within are compatible with all sound & video editing softwares, DAWs, game engines, and are embedded with SoundMiner Metadata for improved search-ability. The sounds are organized into easy to understand packs which feature categories, folder structures, & labelling for all sound files. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3, to complete projects blazingly fast.

No Copyrights Hassles

Skip all the reporting, clearance and permission hassles. Don’t get dinged on YouTube for copyright violation either. All sounds are clear for use in any film, movie, social media, podcasts, production, animation, TV, advertisements, commercials - anywhere!

Quality Assured

When it comes to film & game audio assets, we take pride in ensuring our customers get the best service and quality possible. All sounds are professionally crafted and carefully selected, with multiple rounds or revisions and Q/A. Our sounds will supercharge your production quality tremendously!
Works with your DAW or game engine

Speaking by Experience

Value pricing for quality sound effects.
Lots of variation for different use-cases. Customer support very responsive (within 5 minutes around midnight)!
High-QualitySFX libraries
Great price for all the High-QualitySFX libraries you get! This is a must-have if you are a small indie game developer working on a tight budget. it’s such a relief that you guys make high-quality and affordable libraries.
it’s a no brainer really
The value offered in this package is incredible. So much variety and quality, it’s a no-brainer really. Thank you for making my games sound more professional 😉
Gigantic pack!
Well done! Lots of sound fx, can be used in almost any game you’re making.
Like holy sh** thank you so much!
I didn’t realize just how many sounds that package was. You hooked me up fat. Like holy sh** thank you so much!
Amazing pack of sounds!
Amazing pack of sounds! “EPIC ARSENAL” wonderful. Documented and very well-organized collections. Thousands of sounds, too. Congratulations 😉 Really enjoyed the purchase.

Fuels Audio Production Across The World!

A must-have sound library bank, all royalty-free market leading sound effects to elevate your game and video production. Maximum value and ultimate creative power!
Features genres like: magic, ui, cinematic, nature, arcade, retro, weapons, whooshes, transitions, foley, character voices, blood & gore, fps, MMO & more... all well ordered and ready to drag-n-drop!
Compatible with any video editing software, DAW or game engine
Highly versatile and wide-ranging production suite
18 sound libraries
22,500+ sound effects, loops, audio assets
All in WAV audio file format
Save BIG when you BUY a BUNDLE!
All 100% Royalty-Free
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22511sound effects
18sound libraries
24 GB of samples
21+ hours of sound
$921real value
See what’s included


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