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Advanced Game Sounds

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Advanced Game Sounds

3119 files included – Attention game developers, animators, and motion graphics designers, Here’s a sound library that will pay for itself over and over. Advanced Game Sounds is an electrifying power pack of more than 3100 compelling source and engineered sounds. Available in Epic Arsenal Complete – Our Master Game Sound Library Bundle!
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Epic Stock Media

Epic Stock Media is a digital media company established in 2014. We create, publish and distribute sound and digital media products that change the way you hear and interact with audio in games, films, TV, live performances. Our products are used around the world, anywhere people consume digital media.


What people say about Advanced Game Sounds


Extremely useful for an arcade game. Very useful sound pack when prototyping.


Buy now you'll thank me later! This pack covers many bases and still provides loads of unique sounds too. Quality is good and really the value is unbeatable. Great place to start for those building a library and I've had outstanding results in creating my own mash-ups. Worth it for sure.


Bought this pack to pick up some stock prototype sound fx. With over an hour of audio, a broad variety of sound assets (2700) seemed like a safe bet And to be fair there are many useful, usable and quality audios in this pack. However, a number of the files are borderline duplicates, and not just once but numerous times. I wasn't foolishly expecting 2700 unique usable sounds of dazzling quality, but for the price, i would have expected a little more versatility in the pack. e.g. The 'knife' folder consists of what i am pretty sure are two dozen sharpening sounds and nothing else, despite what the file names say. Also found even a few files are so project specific as to be useless to everyone, except that one guy. EDIT: Impressed with quick reply from publisher, stating an update is in the works. I would always recommend a publisher who takes on customer feedback. Even if it costs a few extra dollars, it might save you hours. Good quality. Sound variation could be expanded in some areas, but expect an update. For me, Its got enough of what i need.


It is somewhat difficult for me to justify my purchase. The sounds in the tracks are far too shrill and abrupt for the format of game in where these sounds were intended to reside. Most of this sound asset is bleepy, quick and indistinct from nearly every other sound within the same folder. What I was expecting were more natural sounds where the "coin" drops would have different tonal signatures revealing the types of metal they were made of, but instead they are of slightly different bleeps with different exiting reverbs which is too electronic for my games' motif. I am creating a 3D Strategy/Action/RPG type game in a forested, natural cave and rustic setting where I have realized that a greater majority of these assets are out of place and will remain unused. My mistake was that I could not get a clear idea of exactly what this product had to offer through the given combined sample sound track. But not having them overlap in the sample would allow for someone to just "peel" those sounds from the demonstration, such is life. As for others, it might work well for you. If the games you are building are more in line with Vegas style slot machine, old arcade games or quick mobile apps then the other half to two thirds of this library may suit your needs. But as for me, I will try to get the best use of the ambient loops, sword, footsteps, heartbeats, monster, pickups and power-up sounds that I can. This pack does cover a wide range of sounds for many different genre of games. So taking all this into account and having it used as a starter pack to get an idea of what one would need in the line of soundscaping their games may work. I'll need to give it two and a half stars, but I'll round it up to three for these reasons. Thanks, Scott. Well, a week or so later, I was trying to think of what sounds might be useful from games I have played and would like to build. Animals: horse, sheep, wolf, dog, big cat, frogs. Insects: crickets, cicada, mosquito, bee. Ambient Atmospheres: howling canyon wind, wind through a pine woods, a babbling brook, waterfalls, a cave pool water dripping. Voices: muffled conversations, unintelligible market shouts, kids playing. These could round out the gambit of sounds. So I'll bump it up to 4 stars, just because there are already lots of resources that I've found I could blend together to make new sounds. Nothing stays "Out of the Box" very long in this house. At this pace you'll be up to five stars soon enough. =)

DarkArts Studios

Great Collection with outstanding support This is a simply huge pack of high quality wav files that can be used in many different games, you will find yourself reusing it again and again, even if only for a couple of sounds here and there. This will fast become one of those packs you automatically install at the beginning of each project. Additionally - A note on support: I had an issue (with one sound effect) after an update and the publisher, after I contacted his support, fixed it immediately. I'm very impressed with the professionalism, speed and delivery all round.


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