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Gameplay Background Music Loops 2

Epic Stock Media

Explore through a modern game-ified collection of 145 musical game loops and instantly have the ability to create fun & exciting musical backgrounds. Introducing Gameplay Background Music Loops 2 – the second installment of the Gameplay Music Loop series.

$39.00 $69.00

Gameplay Background Music Loops 2 is at the ready and equips sound supervisors, game developers and producers with a complete and versatile collection of 44 loop-able musical themes containing an additional 101 alternate loop versions, mixes and ambient loops. You can truly orchestrate & construct your music soundtrack how you want it!

Includes over 1.5 hours of loop-able soundtracks, cues & soundscapes that are perfect for racing games, puzzle, casual & mobile games, styles like arcade, electro, chill, menu, organic, acoustic, and fulfills scenarios like loading screens, menu pages, gameplay, levels, scene breaks, splash screens, game logos and game start & over screens.

Gameplay Background Music Loops 2 is the second installment of the Gameplay Background Music loop series and is the perfect compliment to your next musical production. Inside you’ll have everything you need to produce modern and engaging audio experiences for your users/listeners. The music is ready to drag and drop into your project for the ultimate time saving experience. Listen for yourself and checkout the demos!

Product Details:

  • 145 music loops
  • 1 GB of samples
  • All in 44.1k 16bit .wav file format
  • Over 1.5 hours music loops
  • 44 unique themes with alternative loop versions
  • Most soundtracks include alt mixes: full, minimal & no drums
  • All files seamlessly loop-able & game ready
  • Build your soundtrack how you want it with:
  • 29 arcade loops
  • 21 chill vibe loops
  • 30 dark loops
  • 31 menu music loops
  • 35 organic acoustic loops
  • All royalty free
  • Youtube friendly
  • RTU-OTB (ready to use out of the box)
    Includes Soundminer metadata for easy search capability

Product Specs

Product Number:

Current Version:


Total Size of Samples:

1 GB

Total Number of Files:


Format and Resolution:

16bit 44.1k

Lapsed Time:

1h 34m



License Description:

Single user license, royalty-free - for a multi-user license, click here