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Game Makers Sound Effects Kit 2

Epic Stock Media

Game Makers Sound Effects Kit 2 – more than 7300+ audio assets, SFX and loops. This bundle fulfills all of your game audio needs and will quickly become a powerful sonic staple in your studio. Stay focused longer, save time, and skip the hassle trying to find the right sound with Epic Stock Media’s premium bundles & Game Maker Sound Effects Kits, all handcrafted, professionally-designed, and specially curated for game developers & sound designers. 11 game sound FX libraries – Alien Game, Ambient Earth Nature Loops, Apocalyptic Game, Battle Royale Game, Cooking Game, Evolved Game Creatures, Evolved Game Creatures 2, Explainer Video Sound Kit, Kids Game, MMO Game Magic, Ocean Game. An elite game sound bundle.

  • 7317 game sound effects
  • 20.5 GB of samples
  • Over 9+ hours of sound
  • 11 sound libraries included
  • All in 96k 24bit .wav file format (plus other formats)
  • More detailed info – click the links to the individual product pages and demos
  • $616 value – bundle priced

$256.00 $616.00

Product Details:

Includes over 9+ hours of sound, all in high quality .WAV 96khz 24bit audio file format resolution. The Game Makers Sound Effects Kit 2 features sound effects in styles like:  fantasy, magic, warfare, FPS, MMO, sci-fi, creatures, nature, ocean, casual gaming as well as other popular genres. Inside you’ll find some of the most elusive, sought-after, and useful game sound effects available on the market.

Game Makers Sound Effects Kit 2 delivers top quality sound samples for any type of game, animation or motion graphics. This is the perfect compliment to GMSK1 (Game Makers Sound Effects Kit) and offers an even wider range of quality sounds needed to take your project to the next level. This bundle of production-ready & battle-tested sound effects will help you create immersive and expressive gameplay and sound experiences.. 

This bundle is a massive library of game sound effects & loops with a total value of $616.


Image Library Name # Sounds Description Formats Lapsed Time Memory Retail
Alien Game 651 Alien Game Sound Effects library is 650 extra-terrestrial sound effects, all royalty-free, Includes big explosion sounds, alien creature voices, robot voices, futuristic weapon sounds, plasma pistol shots, blaster gun sounds, alien ships and more. All files in .WAV 96k 24 bit resolution 2 h 3 m 4.38 GB 59.00
Ambient-Earth-Nature-Loops Ambient Earth Nature Loops 135 The Ambient Earth Nature Loops sound effects collection includes traditional and alternative points of view on the sounds of wind, water and ocean sounds, rain, thunder, sound of forests and mountain environments, summer and nighttime nature sounds and more. All files in .WAV 96k 24 bit resolution 2h 17 m 4.74 GB 29.00
Apocalyptic Game Sound Effects Box Apocalyptic Game 540 “Apocalyptic Game” – a highly focused and proprietary blend of post apocalyptic RPG game sound effects library. Inside this devastating sound library you’ll discover a bountiful assortment of noteworthy game ready, organic and designed special sound effects. All files in .WAV 96k 24 bit resolution 11 m 408 MB 59.00
Battle Royale Game - FPS Action Adventure Sound Effects Battle Royale Game 929 Inspired by hit PC & console games like Apex, Fortnite, PUBG. Battle Royale Game is an expertly crafted and thoughtfully imagined military sound base of natural and minimally processed source sounds plus a significant cache of hybrid & highly designed game audio assets. This storehouse of sound will outfit any project where FPS styled sound effects are needed. All files in .WAV 96k 24 bit resolution 53 m 1.8  GB 69.00
Cooking Game sound effects Cooking Game 662 It’s a flavorful collection of cooking sound effects featuring 650+ tasty sound files. Includes sounds of baking actions, sounds of eating, sounds of chewing, chopping sounds, plates and bowls, wet and dry ingredients sounds, frying baking, sounds of water and ice. It’s your private recipe for making a fun and complete 5 star cooking experience! All files in .WAV 96k 24 bit resolution 22 m 782.8MB 49.00
Evolved Game Creatures Monster Vocalizations 11 Evolved Game Creatures 168 Includes over 160 distinctive, immersive, game optimized creature sound effects, vocalizations, attacks, sounds of monsters dying, special SFX, growling sounds. All files in .WAV 96k 24 bit resolution 3 m 132. MB 29.00
Evolved Game Creatures 2 - Monster and Creatures sounds for games Evolved Game Creatures 2 166 Evolved Game Creatures 2 is the second installment of our game monster sound effects series. This library brings producers and sound designers a versatile and wide ranging selection of medium to small creature & monster styled game sound effects. All files in .WAV 96k 24 bit resolution 7 m 270.5 MB 29.00
Explainer Video Sound Kit Explainer Video Sound Kit 1200+ It’s an all-in-one power pack that gets your project done fast. 1200 designed sounds, cinematic elements, transitions, Foley, natural and organic sounds and a sweet selection of background music all ready to go. All files in .WAV 96k 24 bit resolution 1 h 45 m 3.6 GB 96.00
Kids Game - Cute Fun Light Sound Effects for Games Kids Game 526 A must-have cartoon game sound effects library which features 500+ bubbly phone game ready SFX. Inspired by popular games like Two Dots, Animal Crossing, & Balloons TD 6. All files in .WAV 96k 24 bit resolution 15 m 531.1 MB 49.00
MMO Game Magic SFX Library MMO Game Magic 1800 An ancient mage’s library containing legendary arcane scrolls, magic tomes of old and ancient lost recordings and spellbooks have been discovered by the Epic Stock Media sound team. Calling all audio wizards, sound designers, and audio effects shamans. Introducing MMO Game Magic sound effects library – a highly versatile and wide-ranging anthology of fantasy magic spells and user interface styled sounds. All files in .WAV 96k 24 bit resolution 58 m 2.02 GB 89.00
Ocean Game Sound Effects Library Ocean Game 540  An underwater universe in sound, with more than 540 compelling designed and engineered sounds geared towards the sounds of ocean exploration and adventure. Inspired by major league games like Last Tide and ABZU Ocean game is a truly unique and versatile collection when it comes to audio for games, film and video. All files in .WAV 96k 24 bit resolution 54 m 1.87 GB 59.00

Product Specs

Product Number:


Current Version:


Total Size of Samples:

20.5 GB

Total Number of Files:


Format and Resolution:

.WAV 96k 24 bit resolution

Lapsed Time:

9+ hours



License Description:

Single user license, royalty-free - for a multi-user license, click here

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