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Make your next project Epic with royalty-free stock music. Discover 1000’s of Royalty Free Music tracks and audio files. Get Royalty Free Music from a global network of musicians and producers. Epic Stock Media’s online collection of music is all offered as royalty free music packages that you can use in a variety of synchronized productions. Add music to films, videos, radio or televisions programs and commercials, multimedia, Web sites, training and marketing presentations, computer games and much more!

Fantasy Battle Music & Loops
Introducing Fantasy Battle Music & Loops, an epic arsenal of musical firepower designed to elevate your gaming experience to legendary…...
SwishSwoosh Game Bundle
Are you a mobile game developer searching for a hassle-free solution to elevate your game's audio experience? This comprehensive audio…...
Tortured Flutes
 96kHz 24 Bit .Wav  220 + files  1 GB  UCS - Universal Category System file names + Soundminder & Basehead…...
Medieval Tavern Music
10 Folk Soundtracks / ~2 mins each / 20 minutes of World Music HIGH QUALITY BARD MUSIC FEATURING LIVE MUSICIANS!…...
Soundtrack Radio: EDM Music Pack
Soundtrack Radio is a collection of music tracks spanning various genres and concepts - ideal for any game, movie, advertising…...
Battle Heroic Orchestral Music Pack
10(+2) Epic Soundtracks / ~2 mins each / Over 21 minutes of Combat Music HIGH QUALITY ORCHESTRAL MUSIC FEATURING LIVE…...
Casual Fun Music Pack
Casual Fun Music Pack is a great way to add a light, happy and energetic ambience to your game. Create…...
Streamer Alert Sounds
Cue in high energy, excitement and crazy good alerts for your games with our newest pack, Streamer Alerts Sounds, a…...
Embark on a sonic adventure with this collection of 12 carefully curated music packs crafted by Joel Loopez. This bundle…...
Joel Loopez - Casual Game Music Pack
If you are a game developer or a video maker looking for Happy Casual music for your content this high-quality…...

Fantasy Battle Music & Loops


Introducing Fantasy Battle Music & Loops, an epic arsenal of musical firepower designed to elevate your gaming experience to legendary heights. Dive into a realm where 51 meticulously crafted tracks and loops await, each pulsating with the raw energy of battle and a few for lighter ones for towns.

Contained within this mighty collection are 38 dynamic music loops and 13 non-loopable soundtracks, all presented in pristine 44.1k 16bit .wav format. With a total file size of 524 MB, immerse yourself in over 24 minutes of mix of heart-pounding music, ready to lighter cinematic scores to unleash upon your audience.


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