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Pop That Bubble Wrap

All You Can Eat Audio

*Pop, Pop, Poppoppoppopoppop

Two Guys, three microphones, and a mountain of bubble wrap.  What else to do but record the knuckle popping, transient heavy, tiny air explosion created by the ever calming sound of Bubble Wrap.  This library was recorded in collaboration another fan of Bubble Wrap, Adam Carl.  Microphones used was the Sennheiser MKH60, Sennheiser MKH8050- both exported as mono .wav files.  The stereo microphone used and exported was the Audio Technica AT2022.  How many variations of popping can you create?  Between the two versions included in this pack, original and reduced reverb, 2483+ sounds per pack over three microphones 828 sounds per microphone, or 4966 Combined are packed waiting to be popped!

Why did we include almost 3 hours of total sound in a bubble wrap library?  When you include the squeaking of blowing on the corners or rubbing two bubbles between fingers, clicking a pen pops, popping using a drill, and even filling the bubble with water using a syringe.  Other secret sounds include popping inside a metal trash can- similar to sounds of bullets ricocheting off metal, popping wrapped in tin foil, and stretching.

All sounds are exported either in mono (Sennheiser) or stereo (Audio Technica) and meta-data tagged using Soundly and Basehead.

Happy Popping

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