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Forest Ambience 1 Central Florida

Sound Spark

The Forest Ambience 1 library focuses on the ambient sounds of Central Florida’s forest ecology. The focus of this library is a collection of as much general background ambience as possible with minimal focus on any one individual element. It also focuses on a Mid Day – Early Dusk time frame.

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The range of ambiences includes windy gusts through thick canopies, forests alive with birds and bugs, and erie dead silences void of any life recorded near one of the nation’s largest active bombing ranges. Also included are a few plane flyovers and some outdoor trail Scrubland near an apartment complex as a bonus.

Captured in environments such as:

  • Bottomland hardwoods
  • Pine Flatwoods
  • Scrub
  • Upland hardwoods
  • Urban nature trail

Environment information from Wikipedia: Upland hardwoods

Upland hardwoods are often found in patches, surrounded by flatwoods and sandhills. Many species of trees prefer these types of ecosystems so there isn’t a dominant species. Many Florida State Parks are located in these types of ecosystems.

Bottomland hardwoods

Bottomland hardwoods are very low, wet areas that are located within close proximity to lakes, rivers, and sinkholes, making them prone to flooding. This environment propels the growth of deciduous trees that grow in layers with shrubs and herbaceous plants and are under constant change.


Scrub land is extremely low in nutrients because of its sandy soil caused by frequent fires. Most often, scrubs consist of open pinelands with various oaks, shrubs, and palmetto. These plants are called xerophytic because they grow well in dry climates and have roots close to the surface to catch what little nutrients they can.


Pine flatwoods are very low, flat, sandy lands that are subject to fires during some parts of the year, but may be flooded for months due to seasonal rainfall. Pine needles contribute to a nutrient rich soil so plant growth is often rapid, allowing farmers to feed their livestock.

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