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Best Selling Sound Effects Libraries of The Year

January 22, 2021 / John @ Epic Stock Media

Epic Stock Media Production Maker Awards 2020

Well everyone, congratulations to all as we finally made it to the end of an insane year. We are truly grateful to all of you who supported us this year through using our sound libraries, samples and music clips in all sorts of creative audio projects. Many heartfelt thanks to you! As the year is wrapped up, we thought we would share with you the best selling sound effects libraries of the year and give you some insights into recent trends. Here’s a look at the best sound effects libraries of the year!

About The 2020 Epic Stock Media Production Maker Awards

From time to time we select Production Maker Awards to go to a select group of sound libraries that have proven themselves to be truly outstanding in the field. The Production Maker certification is our way of recognizing digital audio assets that are clearly preferred by professionals.

Below you’ll find a quick list of these sound effects libraries that have performed best in the marketplace in 2020, offered exceptional value, and were proven to be “production makers.” Titles are selected primarily based on the number of units sold, quality and utility. Think of it as a rating of popularity in the market. Plus, we organize sales stats into categories we set out for this year’s awards. So without further ado, we present to you the 2020 Epic Stock Media Production Maker Award winners – Best selling Sound Effects Libraries of the year. You can find all the best sellers of the year listed in the store with sale prices here.

MMO Game Magic SFX Library

Best Game Sound Library – MMO Game Magic Fantasy Game Sound Effects Library 

Our top seller in 2020. With the relentless popularity of games such as The Witcher and the Elder Scrolls series, it is easy to see why MMO Game Magic was the most sought after game sound effects library of the year. Gamers and game developers just can’t resist this genre. With 1800 expertly designed, game-ready sounds, this library also provides a best value for game developers and sound designers alike. Listen to demos, learn more

game makers sound effects kit for games and sound designers

Best Game Sound Bundle – Game Makers Sound Effects Kit 

Every good game sound designer/developer has an arsenal of sounds at the ready, at all times. That’s probably why the Game Makers Sound Effects Kit was the most popular game sound bundle this year. It has everything you need for almost any style game. With over 7100 audio assets, sound effects, and loops, Game Makers Sound Effects Kit delivers a powerful value and exceptional selection to outfit the most ambitious project. Includes 10 game sound FX libraries. Listen to demos, learn more.

Nature's Soundscapes Sound Effects of Nature Loops

Best Organic Sound Library – Nature’s Soundscapes – Organic Sounds of Planet Earth

Organic sounds are sometimes underrated and overlooked in game sound design. It is easy to focus your attention on dialogue and sound effects and forgetting the importance of building a rich and dynamic setting through organic/natural background sounds. Nature’s Soundscapes is this year’s top selling organic sound library, making it easier than ever for game designers to build immersive and dynamic soundscapes into their audio experience. Listen to demos, learn more.

Weapon Sounds Swings SFX

Best Indie Sound Library – Weapon Sounds: Weapon Swings SFX Pack

We have the privilege of working with some incredibly talented sound designers. This year’s Best Indie Sound Library Award goes to David Dumais Audio for the Weapon Sounds SFX Library. Perfect for sound designers looking to create attention-getting and massive sounding swings and whooshes for weapons of all sizes. The versatility in this pack is impressive and provides a compelling value for these hard to find sounds. Listen to demos, learn more.

Footsteps and Foley Sounds - footstep sounds and effects for games

Best Indie Foley Sound Library – Footstep & Foley Sounds

This year’s Best Indie Foley Sound Library Award goes to Gamemaster Audio for the foley sound pack Footstep & Foley Sounds. This is a high value go-to for designers and developers needing quick access to footstep SFX. Great for rapid prototyping and audio comps. Chances are you’ll find just what you need for walking sounds on many surface types. A compelling value with 500+ SFX included. Listen to demos, learn more.

Best Selling Game Character Voiceover Sound Library – AAA Game Character Demon

Recording dialogue for games can be quite a daunting (and expensive) task. That’s exactly why we have created many different AAA Game Character Sound Packs for almost any style game. This year, the AAA Game Character Demon takes the award for most popular character voiceover pack. We think, presumably, this is in keeping with the popularity of the horror and halloween category. And if you are wondering, yes, we do see a spike in sales for this product in July through October. Listen to demos, learn more.

Best Game Music – AAA Game Music Soundtrack And Musical Loop Library

As you know, music can make or break a game. In fact our informal survey of customers indicates that half of you think the soundtrack of a game is more important than sound effects and dialogue. Almost everyone agrees that music is the backbone of evoking emotion in games and film. That’s why it is so important to have quality music that can capture the interest of the player/viewer. This year’s award for best game music library goes out to AAA Game Music, a music library created by award winning composer Gilde Flores – the Wolverine, FarCry 4. Listen to demos, learn more.

Overall Best Selling Sound Effects Library – Explainer Video Sound Kit

Finally the time has come to announce this year’s Overall Best Selling Sound Effects Library.  Give it up for Explainer Video Sound Kit. Isn’t it ironic that the Explainer Video Sound Kit would be our best seller this year? We are wondering if this is just a coincidence or the result of a chaotic year that has left most of us looking for answers, struggling to explain what’s going on? 🙂 In any case, if you think you have some answers and might want to explain yourself in video form, then please do us all a favor and get this pack, just like record numbers have done this year. Stop wasting your time searching everywhere trying to find the right sound effects and instead, spend more of your time explaining yourself, giving those of us still in the dark some answers. 😉 Listen to demos, learn more.

Ready to Use Out of the Box (RTU-OTB) – The Trend in Sound Effects

If you are wondering what kind of SFX sound designers or game developers were buying last year, the Epic Stock Media Production Maker Awards are a pretty good indication. Because our list of winners is based primarily on unit sales (popularity), the tally tells us that sound designers, producers, game developers are finding high value in obtaining sound effects in RTU-OTB (ready to use out of the box) formats vs. raw source or formats requiring a lot of processing. The largest segments of registered users at Epic Stock Media identify themselves as either sound designers or game developers. Clearly they are endorsing the use of film and game ready assets as a time saving and cost effective way to move an audio project forward… and fast. 

We’ll endeavor to honor our most recent award winners by keeping them more or less on sale throughout the rest of the year. Look for the Production Maker Award Winner badge proudly displayed on these product pages. You can find all the best sellers of the year listed in the store with sale prices here.

Epic Stock Media Production Maker Award

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Best Selling Sound Effects Libraries of The Year

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