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Creepy Game SFX & How to Create Eerie Ambient SFX

May 4, 2021 / Andrew @ Epic Stock Media

Here’s a rare insider look into the production of Creepy Game SFX library, the latest horror and suspense sound effects library from Epic Stock Media. Creepy Game SFX is an immersive, out-of-the-ordinary, and carefully designed mystery/horror game sound library that adds a unique twist to the popular genre. The collection is particularly unique because it’s a sound library designed to bridge the gap between musical elements and game-ready horror and suspense sounds. With Creepy Game, you get the best of both worlds, a frightfully versatile selection of intense musical cues, loops, trailer SFX as well as all the sound effect essentials needed to build compelling suspense, tension, and mysterious audio experiences. Take a look at our Creepy Game SFX & How to Create Eerie Ambient SFX.

Behind the Scenes – Creating Ambient Sound Effects for Creepy Game SFX

In this video, you’ll get to know Greg, one of the expert sound designers at Epic Stock Media. He’ll take you through some of the rationale and techniques for creating some of the ambient sounds in the Creepy Game SFX library. Check the notes below for specific tips and techniques and for best results, listen with headphones!

How To Create Movement In Your Ambiences & Room Tones (3:13)

Go to the 3:13 mark in the video and you’ll see how Greg shows his process. Creating an unsettling background ambience. Using a combination of room-tones, random noises, and audio processing plug-ins. It adds an uneasy feeling of movement to the track. Listen for tips and tricks on how to create eerie environments for your own game or video productions. In this video, he shows how making a subtle change to a room tone can give the feeling of motion. He chose to add a light phaser to a track in order to give it an almost imperceivable change. He also hard panned this track to the right. This was in order to make way for another layer of room tones. These are the best ways to get Creepy Game SFX & How to Create Eerie Ambient SFX.

Here, using a varying room tone and a different modulation plug-in creates a sense of uneasiness and suspense. Especially for the user without being too overbearing. After hard-panning this room tone to the left, he runs it through a vibrato plug-in. Perfect for adding a sense of pulsing and eerie movement

How Layering Room Tones & SFX Creates An Eerie Environment (5:03)

Skip to 05:03 into the video and you can see how Greg has room tones working together with other SFX. From Creepy Game to create an ambience that is constantly changing. Creating tension and suspense, and driving the listener/viewer forward. While the sonic differences between the two room-tones are subtle, they are a crucial part of sweetening this ambient loop. 

Elements Working Together To Create A Mood (6:02)

Finally, around the 6:02 mark, Greg talks about how the uneven characteristics of room tones. How to work together to build up a sense of fear and uneasiness in the listener. He mentions using sweeteners such as door creaks, distant laughter, and other environmental SFX. These elevate your scene by immersing the listener with several different elements.  

Listen to the demos below to hear what this powerful Creepy Game SFX & Eerie Ambient SFX sound library is all about!

Now Go Terrify Your Listeners With Creepy Game!

We hope you found this behind-the-scenes look at Creepy Game inspiring! Use the knowledge you’ve gained here today and go terrify your listeners, in the nicest sounding way possible of course.

Creepy Game is and elite collection of 425 sound effects and loops all inspired by horror games like: Left 4 Dead and Among Us. This producer-curated collection will save you time, optimize your workflow, and level up your production quality so much, it’s scary! All sounds are organized into easy to understand, production friendly categories. Doors, Hit FX, Loops Environment, Loops Music, Musical Alerts, Power Ups, Transitions and UI. Creepy Game SFX defines the bleeding edge of mystery, horror, spooky and suspense sounds for today’s games, film and any creative audio projects.


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Creepy Game SFX & How to Create Eerie Ambient SFX

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