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Rumblings from the Studio

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June 26, 2024 / Andrew @ Epic Stock Media

Rumblings from the Studio at Epic Stock Media
Rumblings from the Studio is a blog about royalty free sound and digital media products. We talk about sound effects, plugins, samples, SFX, video and the technology around creating and using these in media productions. We write about creating royalty free products that change the way you hear and see audio in games, films, TV, performances etc. Take a look around and thanks for reading.

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Andrew @ Epic Stock Media

Co-founder of Epic Stock Media, Andrew is a motivated and passionate builder of things. He is also Co-Founder of Sound Yeti. Using his outside of the box development process, Andrew typically finds ways to connect the dots in ways not before thought. With a take no prisoners attitude, he drives projects forward to success. You guessed it... he's a little different than your average human.<\/span>

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