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Sounds of the Streaming World

February 7, 2023 / Collin @ Epic Stock Media

In the new age of content creation, the smallest sound can make or break your stream.

Alerts Sounds are extremely important if you want to make a unique and amusing stream as a content creator! You run the risk of boring your viewers and losing their attention if you don’t use alerts, overlays, and other forms of themes to spice up the appearance of your stream.Epic Alert Sounds Packs


Alerts are a terrific way to personalize and publicize events within your stream, from congratulating a new subscriber to thanking a viewer for their support. Alerts draw attention to the acts of your community, raising awareness of what occurred and who was responsible while strengthening your bond. You may communicate your distinctive brand, stand out from the competition, and develop closer ties with your audience by activating and customizing alerts.

We’ve created a list of questions to get you started with Alerts:

  • What are Alert Sounds?

Alert sounds are the audio cues that go along with your streaming activity. They are brief animated overlays that display when something major happens. In order to acoustically bring attention to the fact that a new subscriber, follower, or other similar entity has joined, alert sounds often have a rather succinct tone. The alarm sound and alert design function best together since they are interdependent. Without the sound, the warning has no use, and vice versa for the sound. Make sure an alarm you design for your livestream has a sound that goes with it! As a result, your visuals and alerts function in perfect symbiosis. You won’t miss any actions, and neither will your audience. Alerts are a crucial component of your livestream that round out the idea of your presence on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and other sites.

  • Why are Alert Sounds Significant?

When used properly, alert sounds can greatly enhance the quality of your stream. The alerts can surprise or delight your audience, boosting the likelihood that they’ll interact with your stream and speak to your chat. 

While the average stream, or broadcast, gets heated with excitement, communication can get lost. The streamer’s focus is temporarily put on hold if they are facing a challenging boss or becoming the final survivor of an intense match.. Alert Sounds exist to assure that donations, new subscribers, followers, raids, and other events get the attention they deserve! Alert sounds are activated when a new member joins in or someone in the streaming chat makes a generous donation in support of the streamer. As a result, you and your viewers are immediately and automatically informed audibly, and each viewer and streamer remain consistently up to date. Making it ideal and helpful for all involved!

  • How do I include Stream Alert Sounds?

A streaming tool is essentially required in order to play any alert sound. There are various helpful tools that can assist you in streaming and show you, the streamer, when an action occurs live while streaming.

With alert sounds, you have the ability as a viewer to send true waves of support to your favorite streamers by sending real-time instant notifications that show on the stream! Twitch provides information on their site to help assist with alert sound setup.


It’s not uncommon for users on Twitch, YouTube, and other popular streaming platforms to see massive donations and subscriptions as a direct result of their unique alert choices. The sheer excitement of the moment causes the viewers to freeze and one alert sound follows, creating a domino effect of enjoyment. Streamers encounter this on a regular basis, resulting in rapid growth of their following. Viewers piggyback off the enthusiasm of other viewers and get swept away in the humor, essentially because they want to be a part of bringing joy to the content creator they are viewing. 

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, “Alerts add to the overall appearance and atmosphere of your stream. However, they have more uses than just the beautification of your livestream. (

Their primary use is to communicate information that you may not have time to talk about in your stream. This can be particularly important to gaming streamers who want to kill zombies or building defense structures to be able to give thanks to everybody who follows, donates, or answers questions about stream times. 

Interestingly, Alerts aren’t just for gamers. Quite a few brands livestream and use trackers to add necessary information to their streams. Alerts on Twitch make an ideal place to show your phone number or website ordering address, for instance, as you plug the benefits of your product to your viewers. AND your alerts don’t have to be the same as everybody else’s.” 

Which is where Epic Stock Media comes in! You can customize your alerts for different situations with the new Alert Sound Packs just released from ESM!


Introducing Alert Sound Packs, the newest product from Epic Stock Media! 

With the new Alert Sound Packs release, there are 8 Sound Packs to choose from! Each individual Pack comes with numerous distinct sounds for Twitch, YouTube, and various streaming services.

These Alert Sound Packs from Epic Stock Media are the perfect way to take your stream to the next level while assisting you in building up your streaming community. Epic Stock Media’s new release of Alert Sound Packs, can assist you in building up your streaming community. Our Alert Sound Packs are designed to reflect your personality and the image you’re portraying through your stream. 

Starting at $29 each, the Epic Stock Media sound alert packs contain Deep, Future, and Big Room House music. New Cheer, New Donation, New Follower, New Host, New Raid, and New Subscriber alert sounds are within each pack. Find the perfect fit for your stream’s personality! 

Each alert sound collection will fit your Stream! High-definition 48k/24-Bit audio is within each and every file. Discover every necessary alert sound for your live stream needs. Each ESM alert sound is compatible with all live streaming platforms!

Epic Stock Media Alert Sound Packs

You can check out New Alert Sound Packs and Listen to Demos before purchasing. 

Epic Stock Media Alert Sound Packs

Giving you endless possibilities & uses. All sounds are, “ready, as is”, and are versatile enough to further edit, mix and match! The library is unique and useful at allowing you the aesthetics you desire for your content creation.

  • Includes Soundminer Metadata
  • All Files Form, Key & BPM Labeled
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • Compatible with ALL Live Streaming Platforms


Access ALL Epic Stock Media Alert Sound Packs HERE.

Find more information for sounds of the streaming world straight from Twitch’s site regarding their alerts. You can also learn more about setting up your alerts.

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Sounds of the Streaming World

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