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Rumblings from the Studio

Introducing Sound Yeti!

September 20, 2022 / Collin @ Epic Stock Media

Look no further. We got you covered!

With sound effects at the heart of everything we do at Epic Stock Media, it is important to us that you find that perfect puzzle piece sound. Need creative audio assets that are more musically inclined? Problem solved.. Introducing Sound Yeti! Committed to providing customers with audio specially designed for music, samples, and instruments, Sound Yeti can assist you in LEVELING UP! 

After visiting Sound Yeti’s personal website, you will understand why Sounding Different is at the forefront of the vision. Giving customers the ability to browse the site, you can also get to know the talented artists that utilize Sound Yeti for their “truth telling musicality and deep inspiration” in their creative works. Artists/Producers such as, Zardonic, Rene G. Boscio, Gilde Flores, and David Levy are the main composers that capture and reinforce “pure & soulful” audio at Sound Yeti. 

Similar to Epic Stock Media, Sound Yeti’s website offers pre-configured collections of sounds & softwares within their Sound Packs and Bundles. “Each Bundle is stocked full with professional sound effects, loops, samples, and softwares – you can save up to 70% compared to individual purchase.”

Unlike other sites, Sound Yeti also offers plugins, expansion packs, as well as, free sounds to get you started. If you are curious but don’t know where to start.. utilize the Sound Yeti FREE SOUNDS on the site to get started. Sound Yeti’s professional, top of the line audio assets range from cinematic thriller to serene underscores and provide customers with incredible tools to create a signature sound. 

All Sound Yeti files are 100% Royalty-Free, high-quality 48k/24-Bit WAV format that are used in the most popular samplers, DAWs, and plugins with drag and drop plugin features. 

Although product details vary based on specific packs and bundles, most include:

  • samples(s)/loops of original compositions
  • MB’s of music production ready sounds
  • All in 48k 24bit .wav file format
  • Embedded with Soundminer metadata
  • Multiple genres from Top 40, trailer, film/TV, etc.
  • Instant digital download sounds
  • drum loop
  • fx loops
  • guitar loops
  • keys loops
  • percussion loops
  • synth loops
  • drum one shots
  • FX one shots
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • All files provided with form, key, & bpm labeled
  • Compatible with PC/Mac and all DAW’s

Importantly, prices for Sound Yeti Sound Packs start as low as $10. Check out their product catalog.

Undoubtedly, Sound Yeti is the ultimate online source for studio quality sounds by musicians for musicians. When customers visit the SoundYeti website, they will find pre-configured collections of sound packs and software, plugins with music making instruments, along with extra presets within their expansion packs. You will find well crafted and organized “ready to use, out of the box” bundles that come equipped with NO copyright hassles. Becoming the perfect site for a complete audio music experience.


Rumblings from the Studio at Epic Stock Media
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Co-founder of Epic Stock Media, Collin has several years of experience in sound design and music composition. He has a proven track record for creating original music and sound effects for video games, films, and commercials, most recently with a placement on the film Jumanji. Collin is passionate about creating high quality music and sound effects and is on a mission to help others do the same.<\/span>

Introducing Sound Yeti!

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