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2016 Production Maker Award Winners – Best Sound Effects

January 10, 2016 / John @ Epic Stock Media
Epic Stock Media Production Maker AwardHere at Epic Stock Media, 2016 was a banner year and now at it’s conclusion, we’re pleased to introduce you to a select group of products that have proven themselves to be truly outstanding – the best sound effects of the year. The Production Maker certification is our way of recognizing digital content assets,
sound effect libraries, samples, that are preferred by professionals, performed best in the marketplace and are proven, battle tested film and game ready resources that can “make” your creative audio production. Here are 2016 Production Maker Award Winners – Best Sound Effects!

Look for our Production Maker certification for the most values, biggest bounty of power and transformative, game changing assets. It’s Epic Stock Media’s best of 2016 – We present to you the 2016 Production Maker Award winners. Editors Note: Sale prices expired since original publication. They are not on this post. Find current sale prices on each product page. Thanks!

Best Selling Sound Effects Bundle – Epic Arsenal Complete

Far and away our best selling most powerful bundle and the library most deserving of this year’s Production Maker accolades. By vote, everyone loves the value and creative power delivered in this ultimate SFX library with over 22,000 files, 24Gb of samples, 17 film and game sound libraries! Only available on

Regular Price – $864
Production Maker Price – Visit product page

Best Game Sound Library – Ancient Game

This little power house! Known as Ancient Game! Sound designers and game creators made this one of the top selling individual libraries on With 1500+ designed and source MMO / video and game-ready audio assets, Ancient Game SFX library is well on it’s way to becoming an industry standard.

Regular Price – $79
Production Maker Sale Price – Visit product page

Best Selling UI SFX Library – Advanced UI Sound Effects Library

Selected for it’s value, this year Advanced UI came into it’s own as a go to UI/UX digital sound effects library. With 900+ audio assets, Advanced UI is  proven in the category. Now it receives the recognition.

Regular Price – $49
Production Maker Sale Price – Visit product page

Best Publisher Sound Library – Mechanism by SoundMorph

Chosen not just for it’s performance – Mechanism is an SFX library that is best of the Performance Maker Award. Acreative collection of Steampunk inspired gears, metal, servos, and of course mechanisms. The vendor product by SoundMorph in collaboration with Sweet Justice Sound and Richard Devine.

Regular Price – $69
Production Maker Price – Visit product page

Best on Game Dev Platforms – Advanced Game Sounds

Lastly, one of the best values and best choices on game development platforms. For building a hybrid SFX library of your own. Now, For the second year, Advanced Game Sounds took top 10 honors in sales performance on Epic Stock Media. With 3100+ sounds, our customers tell us that Advanced Game Sounds deliver’s in the clutch. Full of creative and practical, ready to use content for any audio, video, film or game project.

Regular Price – $59
Production Maker Sale Price – Visit product page Again, we hope you find this brief list of best sound effects of the year helpful in your search for sounds. Check out Audio Issue, on what makes great sound production. This is our first year of the Production Maker Awards and we look forward to bringing you more info and insight into the trends of sounds in the world of audio production.. Thanks for helping in 2016 Production Maker Award Winners – Best Sound Effects! Until next year… Live Epic, Sound Epic!

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2016 Production Maker Award Winners – Best Sound Effects

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