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Gameplay Background Music Survey

December 15, 2020 / John @ Epic Stock Media

Winners Announced, Survey Results Posted 

Huge thanks to everyone who participated in our Game Survey Giveaway!  The results are posted below but first we have to congratulate our winner…

Congrats to Chris B. of California USA, proud winner of Gameplay Background Music. Chris is a game hobbyist/enthusiast currently working on designing a few games of his own. Be sure to check out his project here: and support your friendly neighborhood indie game developers! Now let’s see how the survey turned out. Check out our gameplay background music survey.

Q1 – What Impacts Your Gameplay Experience Most?

We kicked off the survey by asking about the impact of sound design on the player’s gameplay experience.  We wanted to find out whether the Soundtrack/Score, Character Dialogue, or Sound Effects had the most effect on the player’s involvement and enjoyment of the game.  The results proved that an engaging soundtrack is crucial to the success of any game. The music drives the story and clearly has a huge impact on everyone’s gameplay experience.

What Impacts Gameplay Most

Q2 – What Console Do You Prefer?

Our next question was the classic, decades-long console war question. We needed to know who you guys think reigns over all other gaming platforms. The clear winner of this battle turned out to be PC! It’s not surprising that people prefer the perks that come with PC gaming. From the higher frame rates, to the graphics boosts and highly customizable options, it is easy to see why dedicated gamers tend to gravitate towards PC.

What Game Console do You Prefer

Q3 – How Many Hours Do You Game In A Week?

Finally, to wrap things up, we wanted to know who the true gamers out there were! We asked how much time our users spent playing video games each week ranging from less than 1 hour all the way to 10+ hours. The results ended up being way more evenly distributed than expected!

How many hours do you game

Thanks Again For Participating

We were pleased and surprised to see the distribution of answers on this survey. It is exciting to know that gamers of all experience levels are keeping up with us at Epic Stock Media! We hope you enjoyed participating in our Gaming Survey and congratulations again to Chris B. on taking home the prize! Be sure to stay tuned for more giveaway opportunities in the near future.

— Original Post — Now’s Your Chance to Win Gameplay Background Music Vol 2 by Epic Stock Media

Just for fun, we were wondering about how you play games. Answer a couple simple questions and you could win this brand new royalty free music library from Epic Stock Media. Gameplay Background Music Loops Vol. 2 is a modern game-ified collection of 145 musical game loops/tracks that will make it easy for you to create fun & exciting musical backgrounds for games, film, video, podcasts or any creative audio project. The more questions you answer the better your chances to win. Give it a try! Enter in less than one minute!

Epic Stock Media Survey Giveaway

Winners will be notified by email and announced on this page when the contest ends. Good luck and thanks for playing!

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Gameplay Background Music Survey

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