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Bronze Sponsorship with Game Audio Network Guild

August 30, 2022 / Collin @ Epic Stock Media

Game Audio Network Guild Bronze Sponsorship with Epic Stock Media 

Our team at Epic Stock Media (ESM) is excited to announce our Bronze Sponsorship with Game Audio Network Guild (G.A.N.G.) Our sponsorship support aids in making G.A.N.G. a reality!

About G.A.N.G. 

The Game Audio Network Guild was formed in 2002 by driven industry professionals with a vision to assist those in the game audio industry to share, continually improve and evolve their craft, and to inform both the overall game industry and enthusiasts about not only excellence in that craft, but fair treatment of professionals. 

With four pillars at the forefront of their mission, G.A.N.G believes in Networking, Education, Advocacy, and Recognition. 

A few of Game Audio Network Guild’s core values include: 

  • Nurture member career development through continued education, highlighting professional opportunities and job openings, and assisting in the formation of apprentice/intern relationships between established professionals and aspiring professional members

  • Legitimize the art and craft of creating and producing audio for interactive media by providing sufficient public relations support for the industry as a whole

  • Encourage the creation of excellent audio by educating interactive entertainment developers and publishers about the value and importance of excellent audio content as well as evangelizing the broadening of audio production budgets, use of professional grade equipment and the adoption of proven production techniques

  • Gather private and public grants, scholarships and funds available in support of the arts

About Epic Stock Media

With Epic Stock Media’s initial brand release launch of only eight sound effect packages in 2014. The ESM family has grown our market and business. Surpassing over 160 sound pack releases today and over 20 million audio asset downloads.

The mission is to provide superior sound libraries with extensive amounts of quality content for an incredible value. The ESM company was founded on the idea that all sound designers should have access to the best sound effects. The ESM team of award-winning sound developers provide audio assets for game, video, and/or motion graphics. 

“ESM provides high level game and film audio with hopes to inspire artists to make their audio fantasies a reality. The world needs more sound designers,” said Collin Scudder, Epic Stock Media Co-founder & Executive Sound Designer. 

Rumblings from the Studio at Epic Stock Media
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Collin @ Epic Stock Media

Co-founder of Epic Stock Media, Collin has several years of experience in sound design and music composition. He has a proven track record for creating original music and sound effects for video games, films, and commercials, most recently with a placement on the film Jumanji. Collin is passionate about creating high quality music and sound effects and is on a mission to help others do the same.<\/span>

Bronze Sponsorship with Game Audio Network Guild

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