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Who We Are

Est. in 2014, Epic Stock Media is a team of audio ninjas disguised as sound design professionals that specialize in music composition and top-of-the-line sound design for gaming, film and multimedia industries.  We aim to energize and empower the gaming and film entertainment industries by providing innovative audio designs & sound effects that seamlessly fit our clients needs. We provide everything audio from custom designed game audio assets to useful foley audio source material to help artists craft an outstanding product!

All of our content is meticulously organized into easy-to-use sound libraries which instantly save you money, time, and energy. Get access to the most powerful, industry-leading sounds and never overpay for premium content.

Our Vision

Epic Stock Media empowers creative individuals to succeed in the world of audio, while staying on an affordable budget. We offer elite, top-notch sound libraries with extensive amounts of quality content for an incredible value. The world needs more sound designers & better sounding FX.

We provide high level game and film audio with hopes to inspire artists to make their audio fantasies a reality. A family business, we started with an initial brand release of 8 sound effects packs. The three of us (two brothers, dad) have grown the team and our catalog has expanded to 160 sound pack titles released… It’s pretty epic here.

Meet the Epic Stock Media Team

Creative, Quirky, Audio Ninjas at Your Service

Collin Scudder

Co-founder, Lead Sound Designer

Andrew Scudder

Co-founder, Chief of Innovation

John Scudder

Co-founder, Director

Holley Collins

Marketing Manager

Cory Tari

Distribution Manager

Francis Hall

Junior Sound Designer

Saulo Zayas

Video & Graphics

Samantha Schellenberg

Sound Designer

James Beam

Sound Designer

Marty Meinerz

Sound Designer

David Levy

Sound Designer & Composer


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