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Game Voices

Game Voices

1843 files included - Character Voice Asset Audio Pack. Includes ...more

SALE! $24.00
Yeti Monster

Yeti Monster

The Yeti Monster library is an extensive collection of rare humanoid ...more

SALE! $25.35
Liquid Metal Waterphone

Liquid Metal Waterphone

You'll get up to 2.71 GB / 263 stereo files, tagged (for ...more

SALE! $56.00
Human Vocalizations

Human Vocalizations

Human Vocalizations contains 1034 vocalized sounds. A variety of: ...more

SALE! $19.00
Bullet Drop SFX

Bullet Drop SFX

Authentic bullet cartridges landing on various surfaces with multiple ...more

SALE! $10.00
Phantom Magic

Phantom Magic

545 files included - Magic supernatural powers in sound design and ...more

SALE! $37.50
Hybrid Game Sounds

Hybrid Game Sounds

4251 files included - Hybrid Game Sounds is a state of the art modern ...more

SALE! $74.25
Aura Stereo

Aura Stereo

80 files included - Noisecreations fourth sound effects collection ...more



Syndrone is a new sample pack by the SFX engineers at Glitchmachines, ...more

SALE! $53.00
Driving Forces

Driving Forces

464 files included - An Innovative space ship sound effects ...more

Modulated Movement

Modulated Movement

588 files included - Epic Sounds and FX Modulated Movement is a ...more

SALE! $23.40
Human Interface

Human Interface

These unique UI sounds were created by mouth. We dried them off of ...more

SALE! $6.00

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