Elite Indie Game Sound Library Released – Sci-fi Evolution

Epic Sounds and FX Sci-fi Evolution is breaking aural boundaries and ushering in an new era of sci-fi action and adventure. Made to make your earthly productions sound like they’re from out of this world, Sci-fi Evolution is all original – the next generation of audio assets that have been hatched from proprietary essential alien wave forms. Creating tension, mystery, movement and other worldly soundscapes that captivate attention, like a UFO in area 51, is easy with this radioactive armory of audio. Watch the video trailer here:


1,700+ files
1+ Hour of Game Audio Sound Assets
All in 44,100 WAV 16 Bit
1+ GB of samples/sounds

  • Items, Coins, Touches, Trills, Tech
  • Unique Notifications, Alerts, Alarms, Creative Essentials
  • Holographic User interface Elements, Pop Ups
  • Loop-able Ship Hums, Passbys, Room Tones, Lands, Take Offs
  • Special Dark Matter Items, Transitions
  • Computer Malfunctions, Processors, Pulses
  • Evolved Cybernetics, Futuristic Devices, Meta Morphing Data
  • Plasma, Sludge, Oil, Liquid, Goo,
  • Gear Shuffles, Dominoes, Levers, Cranks, Movements
  • Mechanical Utensils, Gases, Releases, Locks and Unlocks
  • Alien Bugs Crawling, Radio Voice Scramblers,
  • Power Ups, Specials, Pick Ups, Achievements, Keys
  • Page Slides, Transitions, Changes and more…

This powerful collection increases workflow and delivers an unbeatable curated assortment and value. Sci-fi Evolution delivers compelling source material to developers and designers who are on the forefront of game development, and sound design. Perfect for Sci-fi, and themed productions. Learn more about Sci-fi Evolution