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Rumblings from the Studio

🚀 Introducing Our New Multi-User Licensing Page

September 5, 2023 / Collin @ Epic Stock Media

At Epic Stock Media, we are always striving to make your experience better and more convenient. We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new Multi-User Licensing Page! 🌟

👉 Check it out here: []

Are you part of a creative team, an independent artist, or working alongside a group of talented individuals? EPIC STOCK MEDIA is your go-to source for premium sound effects, backed by a 100% Non-Exclusive, Commercial, Worldwide License. 🌍🎶

🌟 Why Choose EPIC STOCK MEDIA for Your Sound Effects:

✅ Affiliated with Leading Global Creative Companies

✅ Loved by Creatives Worldwide

✅ Curated Archive of Professional Sound Effects

✅ Flexible Licensing Options for Every Budget

With EPIC STOCK MEDIA, you’re in control. Select from our tailored licensing plans:

1️⃣ Single User – Ideal for freelancers and solo creators.

2️⃣ Multi-User Teams – Perfect for companies with collaborative sound projects.

3️⃣ Academic / Non-Commercial – Ideal for nonprofit organizations and academic institutes.

Your EPIC STOCK MEDIA License Covers:

🔸 100% Royalty-free Use

🔸 Commercial Synchronization

🔸 All Media and Worldwide Usage

🔸 Unlimited Usage by 1-User (Expandable for teams)

Enhance your creative process:

🚀 Edit, layer, and manipulate sound effects

🎬 Sync with video, time, or other sonic elements

🎵 Use in commercial or production music

📦 Create copies for workflow optimization (no distribution to unlicensed parties)

Have unique licensing needs? Contact us for professional sound effects and tailored audio solutions! Whether you’re working on NFTs, audio apps, machine learning, toys, or apps, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to [email protected] for expert guidance.

Choose the right purchasing option for your team and budget:

🌟 Perpetual Buyout License – Ideal for small teams, a one-time purchase for lifelong access.

🌟 Annual Blanket License – Perfect for larger companies and schools, an annual fee for unlimited usage.

Ready to elevate your audio game? Fill out our Licensing Request Form or email us at [email protected] for personalized assistance. Your sound journey starts here! 🎧🌠

Get Started Today! – []

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Rumblings from the Studio at Epic Stock Media
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🚀 Introducing Our New Multi-User Licensing Page

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