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Ambience From China
Ambience from China captures a pleasant natural feel from all around China with 182+ royalty-free sound effects, including; traffic sound…...
Ambience From Japan
Ambience from Japan SFX Pack captures a pleasant natural feel from beautiful cities of Nara, Osaka and Kyoto. Subways, train…...
Analog And Digital Cameras Ultimate SFX Bundle
Capture the moment with Analog and Digital Cameras Ultimate Sound Effects Bundle! This bundle brings 1000+ camera and shutter royalty-free…...
Anime SFX Pack
Anime SFX Pack brings every classic Anime royalty-free Sound to your sound library. From laser beams to cartoony bird calls,…...
Backgammon SFX Pack
In this Backgammon SFX Pack, we offer you 100+ unique royalty-free sounds of the famous game backgammon, which has been…...
Bavaria 36 Sailing Boat
BAVARIA 36 SAILING BOAT – SAVE 38% Welcome aboard! Our sailboat today is a Bavaria 36ft, 30HP, with Volvo Penta…...
Breaking Ice
Out of ice? Please help yourself! This cinematic ice sound effects pack brings you 103 files and 250+ sounds -…...
Cinematic Series SFX Pack
With the Cinematic Series Pack, you can make your audience feel the atmosphere you want with 300+ fresh royalty-free sounds.…...
Crafting & Survival
Build, Craft and Survive! The new Crafting and Survival brings you 475 files and 1,000+ royalty-free sounds plus the surprise…...
Crisps, Nuts And Snacks
These sound effects will leave you craving! Crisps, Nuts and Snacks SFX Pack has 106 files of full flavour. The…...
Destruction SFX Pack
Destruction SFX Pack brings 300+ heavy royalty-free sounds of destruction to your local library. From breaking ceramic glass materials to…...
Ebow Thriller SFX Pack
Send chills through their spine with 141 unique royalty-free sounds of dark ambiences, sci-fi transitions, sci-fi horror sounds, spooky sounds,…...
Eerie Drones And Textures
Create fear inducing and mysterious spheres with the textures that are dark, bright, noisy, clean, grainy, metallic. Hear the ethereal…...
Essential Magic
Shining Luminescence, bestow life! Raise! Essential Magic sound effects bring you the designed sounds of powerful magic. Slightly futuristic and…...
Gaming Keyboards
Gamer or player? Gaming Keyboards will make you want to play longer hours! 200+ stereo sounds of gaming keyboards; typing,…...
Gore SFX Pack
Horror to terror! 220+ brutal and gruesome royalty-free sounds of every gore sound you can imagine, like gushing bloody flesh…...

Ambience From China


Ambience from China captures a pleasant natural feel from all around China with 182+ royalty-free sound effects, including; traffic sound effects, temple ambience, announcements and interior sounds of the airports, sound effects that capture the feeling of Shanghai streets or the natural voices from grasslands. You have access to meet every sound effects needs to create a perfect ambience for your video games, animation projects and much more. Plus, you get the usual Vadi Sound craft and attention to detail! Find the true sound of it with Vadi Sound Library.


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