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Strange Game Ambient Loops - Horror Game Ambience Loop Library
Strange Game Ambient Loops library is a meticulously designed & game ready ambience loop library created to help you make…...
Humanoid Creatures
Humanoid Creatures is a slightly unnerving monster sound FX library featuring 14 versatile creature types - all designed & styled…...
Female Dark Game Spell Incantation Voices Vol. 2
This the the third sound pack installment of the “Dark Game Spell Incantation Voices” series. Explore through a wide ranging…...
Dark Impact Sound Effects
Unique dark and disturbing high-quality impact sound effects like sub booms, hits, impacts to boost your trailer, teaser, game, movie,…...
Dark Games
Are you ready to create heart pumping moments with us?! Ni Sound brings you the most psychologically disturbing cinematic and…...
Monster Sound Effect Pack 02
The myth of monsters accompanies us all through our lives. In the tales of our childhood, when we freak each…...
Monster Sound Effect Pack 01
The myth of monsters accompanies us all through our lives. In the tales of our childhood, when we freak each…...
Dark Drones & Soundscapes
The Dark Drones & Soundscapes Pack contains massive,  disturbing, distorted and creepy drone soundscapes perfect for  dystopian, post-apocalyptic and spooky…...
Monster & Creature Sound Effects
The Monster & Creature Sound Effects Collection includes creepy creature screams, and sound effect samples perfectly suited for movies or…...
Haunted House Door Sound Effects
The Haunted House Door Sound Effects soundpack contains creepy door foley sounds, perfect for film production and game development that…...
Lake Monster Sound Effect Pack 01
The deep of wild rivers hide many secrets and mysteries. This collection lets you take a peek in into the…...
Monster Library Vol 2
Monster library vol 2 is the second volume in a series of libraries, it's set on oversized monsters with a…...
Monsters Vol 1
Bring your game to life with 141 monster sounds inspired by famous audiovisual products From Khron Studio we wanted to…...
Bone Cracking Sound Pack 01
Do you like kung fu movies or fist fights where bones are breaking? I guarantee you'll get your dose here!…...
Extinct Animals - The Jurassic
‘Extinct Animals’ is a new series of Sound Effects Library by Articulated; aspiring to bring back to life creatures from…...
Space Horror
185+ royalty-free sounds of spooky aliens, far away galaxies, terrifying malfunction noises from a distant spacecraft. Hear alien-like sound effects,…...
Ultimate Horror SFX Bundle
6 shades of terror in 1300+ royalty-free sounds and almost 3 hours of duration. All 6 horror SFX packs are…...