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Bestiary Monster Bundle Vol. 1
"Bestiary" is a high-quality sound collection that includes four unique packs designed to bring your game to life with a…...
Elemental Spells Vol 1
Elements Spells has been created thinking of the large number of RPG video games, fantasy, turn-based cards, etc... that require…...
Fantasy Magic Weapons Vol 1
If your product requires a large number of magic weapons, this is your library. Fantasy Magic Weapons Vol 1 contains…...
Fight Fury Vol. 1
Prepare for combat! With our fighting sound library, you'll have 192 high-quality sound effects at your disposal so you can…...
Futuristic Weapons Vol 1
Futuristics Weapons Vol 1 is designed so that you only have to select and drag the samples, since you will…...
Interdimensional Interface
Welcome to the world of tomorrow This massive library of futuristic interface sounds has been made by studying all the…...
Khron Studio - Puzzle Games Vol 1
Inspired by the most famous Match3 games, this library includes 148 high quality sounds. Puzzle Games has been created so…...
Monster Library Vol 2
Monster library vol 2 is the second volume in a series of libraries, it's set on oversized monsters with a…...
Monster Library Vol 4
Monster library vol 4 is the fourth volume in a library series. For this volume we wanted to recreate monsters…...
Monster Library Vol.3
Monster library vol 3 is the third volume in a library series. In this volume we have focused our efforts…...
Monsters Vol 1
Bring your game to life with 141 monster sounds inspired by famous audiovisual products From Khron Studio we wanted to…...
Robotic Creatures Sound FX
Get a complete arsenal of unique and original sci-fi robotic creature sound effects. All sounds in the Robotic Creatures Sound…...
Bestiary Monster Bundle Vol. 1

Bestiary Monster Bundle Vol. 1


“Bestiary” is a high-quality sound collection that includes four unique packs designed to bring your game to life with a variety of monstrous sounds. With a total of 536 sound effects, each pack offers a variety of organic monster sounds, breathing, footsteps, attacks, deaths, growls, and more. Covering a wide variety of monster types, such as dragons, trolls, skeletons, insects, spectre… This collection of sounds will help you create a truly immersive and terrifying experience for your players. If you’re looking to take your sound effects to the next level, look no further than “Bestiary”.


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