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My name is Matías Cerviño. I’m a sound designer and producer of sound effects libraries from Argentina.

ACTUS is a straightforward library. You will find 70 dramatic hits (24 Bit / 48 kHz, WAV, UCS) ready to…...
Affix is a simple but powerful sound library. In this pack you will find 100 sounds in 29 files aimed…...
Affright is a collection of 208 sounds aimed to induce tension, fear and urgency in horror and suspenseful productions. You…...
AXmos Cinematic Guitars
Need to create suspense, tension, and movement in your production? AXmos Cinematic Guitars sound library is just for you! Atmospheric…...
Cinematic Bundle
This bundle contains 10 of my most cinematic sound packs to date. You will get big and energetic planet explosions,…...
Crime Investigation Bundle
This bundle contains four Crime/Investigation focused sound libraries. A diverse collection of atmospheric elements, fx and musical loops ready to…...
“Dare” is a sound pack of 50 atmospheric elements suited for horror productions. Thanks to his dark tone, this library…...
DELAY is a simple mini sound collection of 31 WAV files (96kHz/24bit) aimed to enhance atmospheres and create movement. Sources…...
Distorted Perception
Need to create a tense atmosphere to induce madness, craziness and fear in your Horror or Sci-fi project? Distorted Perception…...
Dodge This
Dodge This is a set of sounds aimed to enhance “Slow Motion” and “Bullet Time” moments in movies, trailers, and…...
Eradication Small Pack
Eradication is an exciting small pack of 25 planet explosions. If your project needs the sounds of destruction of planets,…...
Welcome to Flute, a simple but beautiful collection of 30 atmospheric soundscapes created using a tin whistle and a bamboo transverse…...
Welcome to Infiltration, a collection of 161 sound effects aimed to be used in modern espionage/infiltration productions. From intense low-frequency…...
INFORMER is a collection of signature cinematic pings. 84 files (24 Bit / 48 kHz, WAV) of intense ping sounds.…...
The sounds in INFRA were all carefully crafted to evoke a sense of unease and dread. From the deep, reverberant…...
LAPSE is a collection of 134 trailer clocks (24 Bit / 96 kHz, WAV, UCS). Is a simple and straightforward…...



ACTUS is a straightforward library. You will find 70 dramatic hits (24 Bit / 48 kHz, WAV, UCS) ready to be used and enhance the drama and tension in your production.


This library contains hits with a great cinematic feel, but thanks to its dark, dissonant and energetic aesthetic this pack can bring to the table a different sonic experience to your listeners.


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