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365 Various Sound Effects
All kinds of sound effects, ambiances, foley, music loops, stingers, audio logos, impacts, shots, hits, swishes, swooshes, shots, breaks, debris...…...
Analog TV
Analog TV is a Library with 99 mono Files which is dedicated to the old Tele Star 4004 TV. It was…...
Antique Grinders
570 Sound Effects from 13 different antique Coffee and herbal Grinders. Recorded in 4 different perspectives....
Antique Mills
The Soundcatcher captured a ancient water spelt mill from 1529 and a antique tannery which is also driven by a…...
Cloth is a Library dedicated to Cloth and Textile Movements and It was a good Choice to use a highly sensitive mic like…...
Desolated Strings and Wood
The soundcatcher is proud to announce a new sound design library called "desolated strings & wood". You´ll get 1.42 GB,…...
Electric Cash Register
We´ve found an old Sanyo Cash register. It was still working and hey! Why not record it? We used two…...
Elevators start as a mini pack with 45 Stereo recordings from Elevators from the 50`s until today. Over 100 Movement & Metal Impacts,…...
Liquid Metal Waterphone
You'll get up to 2.71 GB / 263 stereo files, tagged (for trouble free use in your loved database program) and carefully mastered…...
Paperlife contains a huge variety of different Paper and Cardboard Sound Effects. We folded, ripped, rustled, crackled, swished, whooshed, flapped, turned,…...
We recorded a small Rallye. You´ll get some idle Motors, Speed Up, Drive Byes, Passes, and Curves. All recorded in…...
The Abandoned School
172 files included - We recorded an old abandoned school and gained a lot of nice and very unique sound fx…...
The Glass Smash Sessions
You'll get 426.3 MB, 62 stereo files, tagged for trouble free use in your preferred database program  and carefully mastered sound up…...
The Print Shop
Print Shop is a SFX & Ambiance pack containing a lot of great material from a big industrial print shop.…...