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Construction & Tools
A solid collection of sounds from workshop too construction site. Manual & electric hand tools as well as construction vehicles,…...
Diversity - General Sound FX Library
This comprehensive sound collection contains all sound effects made by The Sound Pack Tree. It includes 8,533 diverse sounds from…...
Dropping Things
This library contains sounds of dropping various objects on various surfaces. Each object hits all 5 surfaces: concrete thick carpet…...
Footstep Loops
This sound pack contains footstep loops that are designed to ease your everyday post production or game audio workflow. 195…...
Futuristic Doors
A collection of futuristic door movement and access sounds: opening, closing, sliding, unlocking...
This sound pack is dedicated to marbles rolling, jumping, falling, colliding & being handled....
A sound pack full of money: Falling, rolling & spinning coins, handling & counting coins and bills, rummage, pouring, digging…...
Shepard Ambiences
When looped, these abstract ambiences & drones seem to rise or fall in pitch endlessly. 44 rising + 44 falling…...
Sonic Seaside
The sound library, Sonic Seaside, has a selection of harbor & sea ambiences, boat & ferry rides, seagulls, waves and…...
The Household Pack
A sound journey from the entrance door to the attic hatch, with everything found in between. This sound library contains…...
The Nature Pack
A collection of rare nature sound recordings, ranging from rainforests and jungles to villages and farm animals – captured in…...
The Sci-Fi Pack
A sound collection from the future: Spaceships, Whooshes & Swooshes, Communication, Ambiences, Wormholes & more. Additionally, the Futuristic Doors sound library…...
The Whooshes & Impacts Pack
A huge collection of short & long whooshes, swooshes, flybys & impact sounds with a wide range of moods: abstract,…...
This Library Sucks
A vacuum cleaner connected to a long hose that leads into the recording room, so you don’t hear the machine…...
This sound pack contains a collection of train sound effects, recorded in Europe & Asia: freight & passenger trains tram…...
Unreal Ambiences
This sound collection contains 119 abstract ambiences, most of them as seamless loopable files. Their moods range from deep mysterious…...

Construction & Tools


A solid collection of sounds from workshop too construction site. Manual & electric hand tools as well as construction vehicles, diggers, drills and power saws are making a lot of noise for your media production!


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