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ARTICULATED SOUNDS crafts audio products and services at the hand of passion. We go to great lengths all over the world pursuing the collection of unique sounds. Carefully edited and thoroughly conditioned. Articulated Sounds is run by Stéphane Fufa Dufour.
“Audio designer, sound explorer, media artist and entrepreneur at the crossroad of sound, music, field recording, engineering and interactivity with more than 10 years of experience.
His focus is on the creative arts, nature, science-fiction and organic living things. Stéphane worked on AAA projects, indie movie, and video games as well as in the music industry. Throughout his career, he got involved in projects for Adidas, NRJ, National Bank, Warner, Fremantle Media and The Price Is Right.”

100 Fountains
100 FOUNTAINS comprises 100 sound files of high precise quality stereo recordings of various fountains size, type, and perspectives (including…...
Bali Ubud Village Ambiences
A compelling collection of ambiences captured in the cultural epicenter of Bali. Rural life, with various courtyards and soundscapes of…...
Boeing 737 Airplane Cockpit
Inside an airplane cockpit, we captured control manipulation sounds (knobs, levers, switch...), alarms, and ambiences. Recorded from a 737 cabin,…...
Bones & Blood - Gore Elements
800+ sounds that will bring gruesome and disgusting scene alive with vivid realism. Malleable useful gore elements.  This library is…...
Cacao Chocolate Factory
From a real chocolate factory, we recorded specific sounds and ambiences. Included different mechanical sounds and manipulation, captured through various…...
Camel Growl Vocalizations
[ 54 Files | 187 Mb ] Unique Authentic Desert Camel Growls, perfect for Creature Design...
Chiang Mai Thailand Market Ambience
Typical sounds of Northern Thai market, with crowd, food, sellers Recorded mainly in the capital of Lanna Kingdom. Lively soundscapes…...
Dice SFX Party
‘DICE SFX Party’ is a unique and extensive sound library of dice samples meticulously recorded and selected through a wide…...
Dubai Megapolis Sonic Bed
Here are diffused soundscapes of one of the largest and fastest-growing city on the planet: Dubai. The traffic and activity…...
Electromagnetic Household Fields
[ 44 Files | 1.87 Gb ] Electromagnetic Fields from Everyday Machines. We are surrounded by electromagnetic fields at all…...
Empty Hotel Quiet Room Tones
From a large hotel, with lobby, halls, hallways, parking, bedroom Originally recorded Quad Surround, here is the stereo version of…...
Extinct Animals - The Jurassic
‘Extinct Animals’ is a new series of Sound Effects Library by Articulated; aspiring to bring back to life creatures from…...
Fun Monsters
Collection of 18 monsters with cute, fun, non-textual vocalizations. These are non-textual variations of actions and emotions recorded by voice…...
Georgia Caucasian Country Ambiences
[ 25 Files | 926 Mb ] Ambiences from all over the Caucasian country Georgia. Recorded in September 2018, over…...
Ghosts offers an immersive collection of creative sound elements and designed sonic atmospheres at the borderland of life and death.…...
Articulated Sounds 100 Fountains Sound effects library

100 Fountains


100 FOUNTAINS comprises 100 sound files of high precise quality stereo recordings of various fountains size, type, and perspectives (including 15 hydrophone recordings) recorded over the span of 1 year. A very useful and flexible sound effects collection.


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