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Quest Game
A complete, diverse, and professional soundpack. Honestly didn't expect such a high quality. A lot of care and attention has been put in every sound, and you can feel it. The best thing is, it covers nearly everything you need in a RPG video game. Can't stop enjoying those sounds. Great job on that, would definitely recommend!
Themed Game Music
Great Value + Great Songs! Not much more to say, it's a great pack with great quality tracks!
Mobile Game
AWESOME!!! This pack sure has everything you need to give your game that "hit app" audio feel, and when I say "everything", I really mean everything. Absolutely LOVE this audio fx pack!
Ancient Game
Great Sounds! I like the quality of this sound pack. There are so many to pick from. I just wanted to be sure about copyright info. Are these royalty-free? Any objection to using them on another engine? Thanks!
Sci-fi Evolution
Realy nice one... Thank you for your good work and nice asset, totally worth the $.
Themed Game Music
Excellent! Great variety of music tracks for a good and fair price.
Puzzle Game
Great SFX Library! Has a good variety of SFX's that will come in handy for my game usage. Would be nice if it came with some more SFX for the price - specifically for menu interaction/ui interaction, but overall, a pretty nice pack.
Horror Game – Sound Effects Library
100% Worth it! Listen to the samples of this pack using decent headphones then go and listen to other horror packs... you will probably be back to this one.
Fantasy Game SFX with Update v1.1
Good Value These sound effects seem to be geared toward RPG games - lots of "pick-ups," "magic spells" and the like. I am not designing an RPG, but I still found good use for a number of the effects. They're definitely all high quality and fun to listen to. Would recommend to a friend.

Wall of Love

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