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Sound Effects Vaults

"Vaults are comprehensive sound effects libraries bundled into themed master collections. Each vault comes with a year's worth of new releases from our Epic Stock Media Sound Packs. (Release content varies for each vault type.) Over time, Vaults appreciate in value and price. Secure the best Epic Stock Media deal by ordering today!"

Cloud Storage + Digital Delivery
Royalty-Free Commercial License
Game Vault
Game Vault is fully loaded with thousands of immersive game audio sounds effects for any level of sound designer and game developer in need of a wide range of battle tested SFX suitable for any game genre.
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80 sound libraries / 70234+ sounds
Voice Vault
The perfect collection of game character voices for all types of sound designers and game developers in need of a large range of high-quality voice-over sounds to choose from. Get every single Epic Stock Media voice sound bank created + all-new character voice releases for 1 year!
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40 sound libraries / 18128+ sounds
Trailer Vault
Within this massive collection of unique and powerful trailer sound effects, you will find everything you need to create massive, suspenseful energy-filled moments that will keep audiences, players, and viewers glued to the screen.
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23 sound libraries / 7642+ sounds
Master Vault
Packed with the power to change everything. With our Master Vault collection you will have access to all Epic Stock Media soundbanks available on our site making this a one stop shop!
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192 sound libraries / 109477+ sounds

Licensing FAQ

What is a Sound Vault?

Vaults are professional game & film sound effects libraries packaged into themed master collections. Each vault includes special vault specific perks like all new Epic Stock Media sound pack releases for 1 year + free updates. 

What are the main differences of each Sound Vault?

Vault Types:

Master Vault – every pack ESM releases for 1 year. 

Game Vault – every game audio pack ESM releases for 1 year.

Voice Vault – every character voice pack ESM releases for 1 year

Trailer Vault – every movie trailer pack ESM releases for 1 year.

What am I allowed to do with my sound effects license?

You’re allowed to create an unlimited number of synchronized productions, meaning you may mix sound effects with other elements (e.g. video, other sonic). It must be used in “Sync” with other forms of media. You can also edit, layer, process, warp, and twist sounds to oblivion.

Our standard license covers usage for one (1) User – if you have multiple people at your company or organization who will be working with the sound effects library, you must obtain a multi-user license.

For a more complete rundown of how licensing works, check out our Licensing Page, or contact us at [email protected], or call 615-864-4616.

What can’t I do with my sound effects libraries?

You cannot re-sell sound effects in any way.

If you would like to include sound effects in a mobile or web app where your end users can control playback of the sound (e.g. soundboard, nature app, ringtones, etc.), you will need to obtain a Custom Application License (CAL).

If you’re interested in a CAL please contact us at [email protected], or 615-864-4616.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept bank transfer, check, credit card, or PayPal. If additional payment options are needed, please let us know what your purchasing requirements are.

Multi-User Licensing

When you purchase a product from Epic Stock Media, you receive a standard royalty free license for a single user.

We require a multi-user license If you have more than one user who plans to use or have access to the products you choose to license.

When purchasing a multi-user license from Epic Stock Media, you are allowed to use the sound effects libraries on more than one “Workstation/ Network” and by multiple people on your production team.

Fill out the form to get your custom quote. 

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