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We’re glad you stopped by. While you’re here, check out our most epic master library and our best value collection – Epic Arsenal Complete

It’s the ultimate value SFX library and custom curated collection for sound designers, indie producers and game developers. Epic Arsenal Complete is an $864 value if purchased separately. Save big and get the entire bundle of 17 libraries on sale now.

  • 22,150 audio and SFX assets
  • 24GB of samples
  • 21.36 hours of sound
  • Designed and Raw Source Recordings
  • All files are mastered and memory footprint optimized
  • Embedded Soundminer metadata

As the backbone of your SFX storehouse or the perfect complement to any producer’s sound library or engineer’s custom collection, Epic Arsenal Complete is our most outstanding value and best choice for sound designers and audio creatives at any level.

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