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Introducing Sound Yeti!

Look no further. We got you covered! With sound effects at the heart of everything we do at Epic Stock Media, it is important to us that you find that perfect puzzle piece sound. Need creative audio assets that are more musically inclined? Problem solved.. Introducing Sound Yeti! Committed to providing customers with audio specially designed […]

Proud Partnership with Game Audio Learning

Game Audio Learning Partnership The Epic Stock Media family-owned company is proud to announce our newest and most EPIC partnership with Game Audio Learning. At ESM, we believe in helping the next generation of game and film designers divulge their creative mediums. Game Audio Learning is incredible for all things game audio, with helpful tools to prepare […]

Creating a Thrilling Audio Experience

Creating a Thrilling Audio Experience: A Guide to Recording and Designing Horror Sound Effects When it comes to horror, sound effects are a critical component of creating a truly immersive experience. From jump scares to tense moments, a well-crafted soundscape can make all the difference. In this guide, we’ll explore some tips and tricks to […]

Recording & Designing Sounds for Cartoons

Recording & Designing Sounds for Cartoons: A Guide to Crafting Memorable and Comical Audio Effects Cartoons have been a beloved form of entertainment for generations. From the silly antics of Bugs Bunny to the wacky adventures of SpongeBob SquarePants, cartoons have always been a colorful and whimsical escape from reality. But what truly brings these […]

Secrets of Immersive Sound Design

Unlocking the Secrets of Immersive Sound Design: 20 Pro Tips & Tricks for Video Games Sound design is a crucial element of any video game, as it has the power to create an immersive experience that can transport players to new worlds. In this post, we’ll share 20 pro tips and tricks to help you […]

The Evolution of Sound in Video Games

The Evolution of Sound in Video Games: From Beeps and Blips to Immersive Soundscapes Sound has always been a vital part of video games. From the earliest arcade games to the latest virtual reality experiences. The evolution of sound in video games has been a fascinating journey. It is marked by significant advancements in sound […]

Why Epic SFX are Best

The Impact of Sound: Why Epic Stock Media is the Best Choice for Your Sound Effects Needs Sound effects are a critical component of any audio-visual production. Choosing the right sound effects library is crucial to achieving the best possible outcome for your project. In this post, we’ll explore why Epic Stock Media is the […]

Enhance Your Game with Sound Effects

Mastering the Art of Game Audio: A Guide to Enhancing Your Game with Sound Effects As a game developer, you know that sound effects are a crucial part of creating an immersive gaming experience. But how can you ensure that your sound effects are effective and engaging? In this guide, we’ll provide some tips for […]

Audio Guide for Unreal Engine

Bringing Your Game to Life: A Step-by-Step Guide to Audio in Unreal Engine Want to bring your game to life? Here’s a guide to audio in Unreal Engine. If you’re a game developer looking to create a truly immersive gaming experience, then implementing audio in Unreal Engine 4 is a must. Furthermore, audio can enhance […]

The Art of Sound Design

The Art of Sound Design

Sound Design: The Art of Creating and Shaping Audio for Media Let’s dive into Sound Design. Over the years, sound design has become so much more than just creating beeps and booms, it has become an art of creating and shaping audio for all types of media. Sound design may not be the first thing that […]

The Art of Sound Design

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