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horror sound effects magic sounds

Welcome to the Horror and Magic Sounds Collection
Curated by Epic Stock Media

An awesome collection of horror, magic and cinematic sound effects, loops, character voices and background music all royalty free. Get ready for your next audio production masterpiece with this special collection; magic, horror, gore, fantasy, cinematic, movie trailer, background music and voiceover sound libraries.

All royalty free… sounds of monsters, ghosts and wizard voices, magical motion sounds, magic game sound FX, fantasy game sounds, spooky background sounds and background loops, lots of blood and gore sound effects, zombie horde sounds. Browse through Thousands of magic and horror sounds that are perfect for any game, video, film or any audio production. On Sale Now.

Doom Drones
120 dark atmospheric loops Dark foreboding field recordings & designed ambient drones. Co-Created by SoundMorph & German electronic musician Arovane. Doom…...
Doors is an extensive collection of 117 recordings of doors, locks, drawers and more....
Over 13 hours of drones, pads, underscores and atmospheres. Collection of 238 drones, designed at 24-bit . Light to dark, clean…...
Electricity Magic 1: Sound FX Pack
A pack of high quality and professionally produced electricity sounds. Electricity Magic 1: Sound FX Pack will give your game…...
606 files included - Are you ready for some extra ENERGY? A complete collection of everything Energy: Electricity, Power Ups, Shockwaves,…...
Epic Movie Trailer
Our sweet and spicy cinematic sound FX sauce pack, Epic Movie Trailer – Filled with deep subsonic impacts, breath halting…...
Epic Nature Loops
70 files included - Curated by Epic Stock Media audio engineers, this natural selection of seamless loops is a subset of…...
Evolved Game Creatures - Monster Sounds
The Evolved Game Creatures monster sounds collection brings producers and sound designers a versatile and wide-ranging selection of large to…...
Fantasy World Loops with Update v1.1
New Sounds Added Update: 76 new loops & sound effects added for no additional cost! More than 183 loops! Now…...
Fun Monsters
Collection of 18 monsters with cute, fun, non-textual vocalizations. These are non-textual variations of actions and emotions recorded by voice…...
Ghost Loops - Dark Underscore & Rhythms
183 loops included: Introducing a fully decked out, sinister collection of dark flavorful music production loops. Welcome in Ghost Loops…...
Ghosts offers an immersive collection of creative sound elements and designed sonic atmospheres at the borderland of life and death.…...
Designed by an AAA Game Sound Designer. All the Blood, Guts, and Gore SFX you could need! Gore is just plain…...
These thought-provoking sonic undertones are full of emotion and narrative tonal texture that will help your audience get lost in…...
Horror Game - Sound Effects Library
Celebrate 50 years of the zombie with the all new Horror Game Sound Effects Library. A fresh new generation of horror and…...
Hybrid Trailer
Use caution friend. You are now entering a sub atomic superhero war zone. Hybrid Trailer - AAA Game & Movie…...
Doom Drones ambience and drone sound effects for games and film

Doom Drones

120 dark atmospheric loops Dark foreboding field recordings & designed ambient drones. Co-Created by SoundMorph & German electronic musician Arovane. Doom Drones contains more than 3Gb of eerie, doomful, dark, atmospheric field recordings, designed drones, and backgrounds. Available in SoundMorph’s Universe Library Bundle!


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