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Get Massive Curated Vaults of Sound Effects used by Hollywood Sound Designers, Video Editors, and Music Composers. Royalty-Free. Epic Stock Media’s Professionally Curated Vaults of Sound Effects offers a complete collection for Games, Trailers, Movies, TV-Shows. Epic Stock Media offers a Professionally Curated set of Vault’s of Sound Effects catered to sound designers, composers, and the game audio industry. Get world-class sound effects all in a huge audio collection

Game Vault
Game Vault is fully loaded with thousands of immersive game audio sounds effects for any level of sound designer and game developer in need of a wide range of battle tested SFX suitable for any game genre.
Trailer Vault
Within this massive collection of unique and powerful trailer sound effects, you will find everything you need to create massive, suspenseful energy-filled moments that will keep audiences, players, and viewers glued to the screen.
Voice Vault
The perfect collection of game character voices for all types of sound designers and game developers in need of a large range of high-quality voice-over sounds to choose from. Get every single Epic Stock Media voice sound bank created + all-new character voice releases for 1 year!

Game Vault


Our Game Audio Sound Effects Suite is for game developers, freelance sound designers, and creators alike.

There’s no collection like Game Vault by ESM. It draws you in then blows you away.  Packed with every game audio sound effects library we’ve ever created with plenty of high-performance game audio power to slay any production deadlines. This is the only package you will ever need that will speed up your workflow and have you completing 100’s of projects while never sounding the same. With purchase, you will receive all newly released ESM game sound packs and updates for 1 year. It’s a gift that the future you will thank you for later.

Game Vault is a powerhouse that turns your workspace into sound design war machine. All your games and projects will now have that big, balanced high fidelity sound needed for AAA quality. This vault is great for rapid prototyping, further sound design sourcing to final game sound.

Game Vault was created for the pros but at an indie price. With its ease of use, it will quickly become the brains of your operation. Any level of sound designer or game developer in need of a wide range of quality sound effects is welcome. Inside you will find an insane amount of game-ready sound effects and game types in nearly every genre. Unlock your full potential and transform the future of your game, brand, and label with an immersive sound experience that will become your studio’s staple for all of your project’s needs.


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