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Okey SFX Pack
In this Okey SFX Pack, we give you the unique sounds of the famous game Okey, which is a mixture…...
Torturing Wood
Torturing Wood is a little sound effects bundle of cracks, tears, pierces and snatch sounds from an old wooden garage…...
Contact microphones allow us to record vibrations and resonances in solid objects. The resulting spectrum is rich in low-end and…...
Wooden Gear 192 kHz
This construction kit creates the world of various rotating gear sounds. Medieval astronomical clocks, fantasy inventions and steampunk gizmos with…...

Okey SFX Pack


In this Okey SFX Pack, we give you the unique sounds of the famous game Okey, which is a mixture of rummy and mahjong. You can find 29 files and 130 royalty-free sounds of Okey pieces, wood board and dice from the game. Pick from sounds of collecting, pouring and arranging of Okey pieces and dropping, hitting, pushing sounds of a Okey wooden board. This collection is ideal for anybody searching for high-quality board game sounds with the usual Vadi Sound craft and attention to detail! Find the true sound of it with Vadi Sound Library.


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