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Production Music Bundle
Our production music suite was composed for digital entrepreneurs & creators. The "Production Music" bundle is an extensive catalog of…...
Puzzle Game
Ever wonder how game developers get those awesome signature sounds for their games? How do sound designers and audio engineers…...
Quest Game
1316 Game Ready Audio Assets! Join our sound designers and creative engineers on an epic journey across the fields of…...
Retro Game
502 files included - 8-bit game ready audio assets, over 30 minutes of pure 8-Bit epic-ness! All the awesome classic sounds you…...
Sci-fi Evolution
1708 audio assets included - A massive compilation of more than 1700 audio transmissions make this sound library a down to earth deal…...
Sci-fi World Colony - Ambience Loop Library
Now you can create the perfect room tone and sound environments for your next sci-fi game, film, and audio productions.…...
Sci-fi World: Guardians – Game Ambience Loop Library
Travel to an uncharted universe and hear the sounds of extraterrestrial rooms, space exploration, distant alien worlds, howls, deep vibrations,…...
Sci-fi World: Swarm – Game Ambience Loop Library
The latest installment in the Epic Stock Media Sci-fi World Sound Effects Series has landed on planet earth. Sci-fi World…...
Sound Design Starter Kit
Level up your sound palette with 11,158 SFX when you take hold of the Sound Design Starter Kit by Epic…...
Themed Game Music
Hand-curated, all original music loops, specifically composed and designed for today's in-game play, loading and lobby music, transition, incidental cues…...
Production Music Bundle - the largest Royalty Free music library By Epic stock media

Production Music Bundle


Our production music suite was composed for digital entrepreneurs & creators.

The “Production Music” bundle is an extensive catalog of music to choose from. Featuring award-winning music in many different styles. From trendy commercial music to epic cinematic. It’s definitely a worthwhile music collection to have for those rapidly creating content and in need of soundtrack cues, tracks, etc. This bundle is very versatile & useful. It can score & complete just about any type of production track you need like a commercial, advertising, gameplay, film score, tv, orchestral, cinematic, tribal, Japanese, folk, indie, rock, electronic to name a few.

Go further than before! Let the “Production Music Bundle” soundtrack and loop collection take on the creative duties of setting the perfect musical expression for your next production. All music, soundtracks, cues, & loops are 100% royalty-free and can be used for all your music in your videos, social media posts, adverts, website, film, game, you name it!



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