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How To Upload Sound Pack

Uploading Sound Packs On Epic Stock Media

Login to the vendor homepage. (If you are not a vendor and would like to be please sign up here.)

Above your sales report you will see Add New Product . Click there to add a product.

On this page you will see the categories listed below, fill those in.

  • Product Name
  • A big white box which is for the long product description. (Minimum 1 paragraph and bullet points with product details)
      • Product Details should include:
        • Memory Size
        • Number of files
        • Format
        • What metadata is included
        • Lapsed time
        • Additional, relevant, information. 
Product Detail section 
  • Product Number – Leave blank, we will fill that in.
    • Current version – Leave as is if there are no previous versions released.
    • Total Size of Samples 
    • Total Number of Files 
    • Format – Resolution – Bit Rate 
    • Lapsed Time 
    • Metadata – Soundminer, UCS
    • License Description – Leave as is.
    • SoundCloud Demo – Minimum 1 min length. No playlist link, only the Main Demo URL.
    • SoundCloud Embedded Shortcode – From PLAYLIST if you have one – main not short demo.
    • YouTube video 1 & 2 – Add links to youtube videos if available.
    • Audio Demo File name (Optional)
    • Product Data section – Make sure Virtual and Downloadable are checked.
    • General –
      • Add Regular Price
      • Downloadable files-
        • Name – Click Add File.
          • Provide a link to pack in the URL section.
      • Download limit – unlimited
      • Download expiry – 5
  • Yoast SEO Premium section 
    • Add a Focus keyphrase that best describes the sound pack. 
    • Scroll down to Meta description and add short description of the sound pack.
  • Short Description section – Minimum of 1 paragraph and a few bullet points.


On the right hand side you will fill out the categories listed below:

  • Product categories section – Select the categories this sound pack falls under.
  • Product tags section – Enter the words people will likely search so they can find the sound pack.
  • Product image section – Add box image (500×500 .png transparent)
  • Product gallery section – Add additional images if available


Last step: Add content list

  • Left click Media on the left hand side.
  • Right Click and Open Link In New Tab.
  • Click Add New at the top of the page.
  • Upload content/sound list in .pdf file format
  • Click on the list and copy the URL and paste at the bottom of the long description. (We will put the link in the correct location upon review.)

Once you are done you can preview if you want to make sure everything looks good and then submit for review and you are done!

For more information please visit our Content Submission Guidelines section.

How To Upload Sound Pack

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