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Congratulations to the Winners of the Epic Stock Media Great Sounds Giveaway

Every couple months or so we give away one of our best sound effects, production music or sample libraries to help a lucky winner build their professional arsenal of audio assets. You’ve got to enter to win! Once again, congratulations to our winners from, Epic Stock Media!

AAA Character Voiceover Bundle

Great Sounds Winner - Roma Levin & Liron Peer, Game Development & GFX Design

Name: Roma Levin & Liron Peer – Game Developers and Designers
Company: Mashmashu Studio

Introducing the latest indie game studio to win the Great Sounds Giveaway: Roma Levin & Liron Peer of Mashmashu Studio in Israel. This dynamic duo is working on their most ambitious project yet: Nordic Warriors – a RTT (Real Time Tactics) game set in ancient times when barbarian tribes and mystical beings roamed the earth. The game is inspired by the classical game “Myth” and is built on the Unreal Engine platform. Check out their progress on their website and be sure to tell them Epic Stock Media sent you. The studio took home  their very own copy of AAA Game Character Voices Bundle which is used in their upcoming release.

Quotable : “We have been using several of Epic Stock Media sound packs in our game, whether it’s for sound effects, music, ambient background sounds or character voiceovers. Epic Stock Media products are always high quality, with large variety of different useful sounds within the same pack. There are many titles to choose from and the prices are reasonable, which really helps indie developers like us to create high quality games on a budget.”

Nordic Warriors Game
Nordic Warriors Game Screenshot
Hybrid Trailer Sound Effects Library

Great Sounds Winner - Kelly Warner, Composer & Sound Designer

Name: Kelly Warner – Producer, Composer, Sound Designer

Company: SoundMural – soundmural.tv

Introducing another awesome winner of the Great Sounds Giveaway: Kelly Warner of SoundMural.tv creates and produces custom music and sound design for creative corporate branding projects. You can see examples of her excellent work here, http://soundmural.tv/ or on Instagram at @soundmural.tv. Kelly appropriately wins an excellent film and game trailer sound effects library, Hybrid Trailer.

Quotable : “Sometimes I need a touch of edgy, powerful grit that Hybrid Trailer clearly delivers. It will no doubt be a time saver! Epic Stock Media offers niche libraries at very competitive prices; this makes it easy to grab a few and mix/match elements to create completely unique textures.”

SoundMural Company Logo
Infiltration Thriller - movie trailer sound effects

Great Sounds Winner - kimmi, Composer, Sound Designer

Name: Kim Mi – Composer, Trailer Maker, Sound Designer

Company: kimmi

We’re pleased to introduce our newest winner of the Great Sounds Giveaway: kimmi, working from South Korea is a movie and game trailer composer and SFX designer. Kimmi’s work includes trailers for Assetto Corsa, Full Kontakt and Tail Spin, a casual mobile game. Kimmi takes home a copy of Infiltration Thriller – game and movie trailer sound effects library.

Quotable : “Epic Stock Media sounds are very good and perfect for my trailer compositions. “

assetto corsa trailer image
Ambient Game - Adventure Game Sound Library

Great Sounds Winner - Matt Lucas, Game Developer

Name: Matt Lucas – Game Developer

Company: Esperware Interactive

We’re pleased to introduce our newest winner of the Great Sounds Giveaway: Matt Lucas, Game Developer of Esperware Interactive. Matt’s company is currently in development of a cool new 2D game called Anathema. Check out the project at www.anathemagame.com and find more info on their page on Steam. Follow on social channels too: www.twitter.com/esperwarewww.facebook.com/esperware Good stuff here.

Quotable : “Epic Stock Media has quickly become one of my favorite locations for sound effects. The prices are more than fair for indie developers and the quality is superb.”

anethema indie game
Builder Game - Game Sound Library

Great Sounds Winner - Anders Hofsten, Sound Designer

Name: Anders Hofsten – Sound Designer

Company: Rudio Outpost / Freelance

Our first winner from Sweden, Anders Hofsten takes home a copy of Builder Game Sound FX Library. Anders is a Freelance sound designer and is part of a new company – Rudio Outpost. We are quite impressed with the picture he’s submitted of the top of his head. Kudos Anders and congratulations! Stay in touch with Anders on social media. http://www.linkedin.com/in/ahofstenhttps://www.facebook.com/soundsbyme/

Quotable : “This product actually comes in very handy for me, because I am currently working on a project (team based brawler) which is somewhat cartoony, and Builder Game has that cartoony feel to it. What I like about the Epic Stock Media products is that they are specialized to a certain genre yet they are very easy to use as bread and butter sounds to compose your own assets from – with layering and processing and very clean in the spectra.”

great sounds giveaway winner - anders hofsten
Advanced Game Sounds- Indie Game Sound effects Library

Great Sounds Giveaway Winner - Aaron Merrill

Name: Arron Merrill

Company: Aaron Merrill Music and Sound

Congrats to Aaron Merrill of Aaron Merrill Music and Sound. Aaron and his company provide a wide range of sound-oriented services including custom music composition and studio and acoustic design. Visit Aaron Merrill Music and Sound on their company website and tell them Epic Stock Media sent you.

Quotable : “I’m excited to try out the sounds from Epic Stock Media on my next project. I do lot’s of film and TV so this sound library will be quite useful…”

Ancient Game Sound Effects Library

Great Sounds Giveaway Winner Eight

Name: William (Elk) Latham

Company: SilverTop Productions

Congrats to Great Sounds Giveaway Winner, Elk Latham’s SilverTop productions, a growing sound production company in Santa Cruz CA. They cover everything from music productions, video projects, and sound design for theatrical performances. William’s current project is the sound design for the 2017 summer season of Cabrillo Stage. Visit SilverTop Productions Facebook page and say hello!

Quotable : “I started seeking out professional sound libraries to help shorten production time on projects. It can be tough staying on budget when all of the core sound design needs to be built from scratch. Epic Stock Media was one of the first companies I came across as an excellent source of sounds to work with… Ancient Game is an outstanding expansion to our current library of SFX.”

Cybernetic Weapons - Weapon and Warfare Sound Effects Library

Great Sounds Giveaway Winner Seven

Name: Michael Grech

Company: Sempethy Studios

Looks like our winner this month, Michael Grech will be able to put his winnings to good use as he’s currently in post-production for Season 2 of a motion graphics based horror and science fiction series. The project explores mysterious, unsolved, or spooky stories throughout history. You’ll find Season 1 ready to view right here.

Quotable : “I’m always on the lookout for unique and quality sound effects to help bring my project to life. Working as an independent artist, I do my own sound design, and great products like those from Epic Stock Media help tremendously. I love the high production value their sounds provide.”

Blockbuster Trailer - A Trailer and Cinematic Film Sample Sounds Effects Library

Great Sounds Giveaway Winner Six

Name: Javier Zúmer

Company: Javier Zúmer Game Sound Design

The luck of the Irish takes hold this month with sound designer and engineer Javier Zúmer based in Ireland taking the winning entry. Javier wins one of our popular collections of cinematic and trailer scoring sounds – Blockbuster Trailer. Javier’s SFX reel and a portfolio of work can be found on his website javierzumer.com.

Quotable : “Epic Stock Media has great sounding libraries and the soundminer metadata is a great plus too… I’ll be using this library on some upcoming video game projects for Steam, like Unearned Bounty. “

Clarity SFX Bundle - sound designers and game developers audio stockpile of sound effects and game audio

Great Sounds Giveaway Winner Five

Name: Marc Gagnon

Company: Marc Gagnon Audio Artist

Quel chance! to Marc Gagnon audio artist and sound editor in Montreal, Canada. Marc wins our biggest giveaway to date by taking delivery of Clarity SFX Bundle a compilation of seven 96k/24bit libraries. If you are a fan of Ubisoft’sFar Cry 4 you’ll be familiar with some of his work. You can see a comprehensive list of his work on IMDB too.

Quotable : “Epic Stock Media has a great collection of sounds and samples… I’ll be using them like I always do in movies and video games…”

Asylum - A Dark Horror Cinematic Film Sample Sound Effects Library

Great Sounds Giveaway Winner Four

Name: Laura Machens

Company: Legends Of Epica (Multiplayer RPG)

Congratulations to Laura Machens and the game development team at Legends Of Epica (Multiplayer RPG) in Berlin, Germany. Laura wins Asylum SFX library, one of the newest sound libraries from Epic Stock Media. Legends of Epica is a Multiplayer RPG built on the Unreal Engine platform and you can check out the game at legendsofepica.com.

Quotable : “We recently purchased Epic Arsenal Completeand are very pleased with the different formats and overall quality! …we’ll be using the Asylum sound effects pack for scenes that need a mysterious atmosphere and added cinematic dynamics.”

Bloodlust - Horror Game Gore Sound Library

Great Sounds Giveaway Winner Three

Name: Jeremy S. Bloom

Company: Jeremy S. Bloom – Sound Design

We are pleased to congratulate Jeremy Bloom, independent sound designer in New York, USA. Jeremy snagged his own copy of Bloodlust the blood and gore SFX library absolutely free. You can check out Jeremy’s work at www.jeremyb.com.

Quotable : “I’ll be adding the product to my personal sound library… I work on lots of sound projects across theatre, film, radio, and installations. This is my first Epic Stock Media product and I’m excited to explore more. I’ve heard GREAT things from my colleagues…”

Bane Cinematics - A Massive Film Cinematic Sample Sounds Effects Library

Great Sounds Giveaway Winner Two

Name: Max Hardy

Company: Max Hardy Audio Engineer, Dubbing Mixer

Congratulations to Max Hardy, audio engineer and dubbing mixer in the United Kingdom. Today Max gets his own copy of Bane Cinematics absolutely free.

Quotable : “I do sound for TV and film and will be looking forward to using Bane Cinematics in one of my future projects… this pack will be the first one I have used!”

Phantom Magic - sound library of magical, enchanting, and supernatural sound effects

Great Sounds Giveaway Winner One

Name: Florian CALMER

Company: Florian Calmer Sound Design

Congratulations to Florian Calmer, independent sound designer in Paris, France. Florian gets his own copy of Phantom Magic absolutely free. You can check out his work at www.hypnago.com.

Quotable : “I’ll use phantom magic whenever a client wants a little touch of the supernatural and… I can tell you that Epic Stock Media is as epic as it gets!”


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