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General Questions

Who makes the products?

The products on Epic stock media are uploaded from all over the world by leading sound recordists and designers. Each Product undergoes a manual approval process to ensure all deliverables are of the highest quality.

What are the file formats?

Majority of the formats on Epic Stock Media are .WAV files. But some products offer Mp3, Nki’s, and other formats. Please check the product description.


How to order?

  • Find a product – Learn about it. Read the product information. Listen to the MP3 demo(s) Ask us a question.
  • Buy it- click the add to cart button – view cart then click “Proceed To Checkout” to use our secure checkout.
  • If you have an account, you can Log in.
  • If you don’t have an account then you can register.
  • If you don’t want an account, you can place an order without creating an account.

After creating a new account, You can…

• Store personal details for faster checkouts.
• Manage your account details.
• View your order history.
• Add products to your wish-list (for future purchases).

Purchase Questions

Can I preview the products before purchasing?

Yes, and you should! Notice the play icon at the side of each of the product or at the top of the product page as well as youtube videos and SoundCloud demos.

Do you have a return policy?

Yes, we do! Please Click Here to review.


What type of payment options do you have?

All products can be purchased using a credit or debit cards. We have offered you a few payment options – PaypalStripe.  For PayPal, please note you do not need a Paypal account to make purchases.

Technical Support

Where are the sales receipts located?

Log in to your account –  go to the “Dashboard” –  Under “Orders” the receipt is connected to each of these orders under “Actions” If you have any issues, please Contact Us.

Download Links

Confirmation of download links…

After payment, you will be directed to your order page where you can download your product(s) and print your invoice. Your order acknowledgment email will also include your download link(s).

Where are do I download my products?

Your Products download-link will appear instantly once you have purchased a product In your “Account Dashboard” Under “Orders”.  if it doesn’t, please check your email.  or please Contact Us for additional support.


Want to become a vendor?

Just click here! Become a Vendor page.

Vendors: General Questions

Do I upload single sound effects?

We only allow sound effect collections/libraries. We do not distribute single sounds. Thank you for understanding.

Are my files and products secure?

With unique URLs for the Downloadable links. Products on EpicStockMedia.com are securely stored on the Amazon S3 Infrastructure.

Do I still own products I upload?

Listing your products on Epic Stock Media you are only granting the usage and synchronization rights – not file ownership. All file ownership rights belong to you.

How do I upload my files?

When creating a product, add in your product URLs in the “downloadable file” section. Or send us your Dropbox, CloudFront or S3 URLs for us to download your files and add manually to your products.

Vendors: Royalties

How much do I get paid?

That all depending on the prices you set for each of your products. The amount of you get paid is correlated to the uniqueness, quality, and list of other factors.

What are my royalty rates?

We have a 30% commission rate – You get to keep 70% of your meat and potatoes. All revenue generated is minus credit card transactions and Paypal fees.

Vendors: Products

How many files makes a sound library?

There is no min or max amount of files required within your libraries or products. We do recommend when building and uploading your libraries you keep “Category” in mind.

Category Types

  • Master Library – Full Catalogue of Products, libraries etc..
  • Bundle – Collection of Sound Libraries – Geared towards a genre.
  • Mini Pack – Typically Under 100 sounds and under $20.
  • Sample Pack – Drums, Percussion, the more musical things of that nature.
  • Sound Pack – Sound libraries – 100+ sounds –  Foley, designed… etc. Majority or your products would fall under this.
  • Music – Music tracks, Stems files etc.
  • Plugins & Software – VST’s Instruments, Patches, Presets… etc.

Do include pictures and videos on my product pages?

Please do! Images and videos help showcase your product. Our vendor dashboard that makes it super easy to create products, set prices and make any necessary updates and changes.

Do I include product previews and demos?

Yes, We recommend it. Adding demos and previews will help inform the quality of the sounds, and is a great way to showcase the masterpiece you have created.

Pricing my libraries – is there a minimum or maximum library cost?

There is a minimum price is $5 USD on Epic Stock Media and a maximum of $3000 USD. We recommend that you keep it competitive with similar libraries and the market.

Do I need to incorporate metadata in products?

We highly recommend incorporating in metadata into all of your sound files. Please check out our friend at AirBorne Sound – they have compiled lots of great and informative metadata resources to get you started.