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Skip all the hassle and wasted time trying to find the right sounds

Now you can get everything you need to create dynamic sound tracks for animations, commercials, video ads, marketing and explainer videos. All royalty free. An unbeatable time saving value.

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Are you frustrated with how hard it is to make engaging sound tracks for videos and animations?

  • Are you wasting countless hours trying to find the right sounds for your marketing video?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to have all the most popular explainer video sound effects all in one place?
  • Are you constantly on the hunt for royalty free background music?
  • Does your animation soundtrack get neglected because it takes too much time?
  • Tired of tracking cut sheets, release forms and performance royalties?
That's why we created the Explainer Video Sound Kit

Explainer Video Sound Kit would cost you more than a whopping 10x stack of cash if your purchased all the sounds separately. Not only that, the included music by itself is worth the cost plus, it’s an unbeatable value compared to all the time, trouble and cost of doing the sound effects by yourself.

Listen now and inspire your next audio production

Get ready for inspiration. Check out these audio demos and confirm the power and versatility of the Explainer Video Sound Kit. Demo tracks are organized in the same easy-to-use categories that you will find in the Explainer Video sound library. You can download a free sample here.

Everything you need to complete the sound for your project

All-in-one power pack of sound

An all in one power pack that gives you everything you need to complete a soundtrack for motion graphics, product videos, animations and explainer videos. Designed sounds, natural and organic sounds plus background music too, all ready to go with Explainer Video Sound Kit

Popular & hard to find sounds

It’s a must have collection of the most frequently used sound effects in marketing and explainer videos plus a bonanza of unique and hard to find sounds that will captivate the ears of your audience. All the essential sound effects you need to create engaging audio experiences.

Multiple file formats

All 1200 sounds are pre mixed and mastered plus, you’ll find the entire collection in multiple file formats so you never need to struggle with converting files; .WAV, 96k 24bit, .WAV 44.1k, 16bit, and MP3. HD quality sounds are even ready for more advanced sound design.

1200 Sounds - Ready right out of the box

Simply drag & drop the sounds in Explainer Video Sound Kit into your favorite animation software, digital audio workstation (DAW), or audio editing program and BOOM, you’re on your way to stardom. You might even win an Academy Award for sound editing.

Includes royalty free music tracks and loops

You know how important background music is, that’s why we’ve included custom royalty free music tracks and background loops so you can complete your production in style! Music tracks include alternative mixes and loops so you can mix, match and layer easily.

No copyright hassles - All royalty free

Skip all the reporting, clearance and permission hassles. You won’t ever get dinged for copyright violation on YouTube either. All sounds are clear for use in any production; animations, podcasts, TV commercials, marketing videos, 2D games, and most certainly explainer videos!

Designed sounds

Ear crafted exclusively for the Explainer Video Sound Kit. A wide selection of designed sounds include; alarms, clocks, tick tocks, bells, bubbles, pops, positive and negative notifications, text sounds, cinematic swells, transitions, whooshes, and impacts.

Organic & Foley sounds

A wide range of frequently used sounds of nature, organic movement sounds, and unprocessed SFX including: Foley, footsteps, gestures, motions, organics, mechanical sounds, hits, sound of water, fire, wind, all to set the perfect scene in your projects.

Made for improved workflow

This producer curated collection will save you time and optimize your workflow. Sounds are organized into easy to understand, production friendly categories. The sound library Includes descriptions, lists and metadata (Soundminer) for quick reference.

Now it’s easier than ever to make your explainer videos, animations and marketing videos come to life with brilliant sound!

  • Royalty free, no subscriptions – no fees, release forms or recurring royalty payments
  • Save hundreds of dollars – compared to purchasing sounds individually
  • 1200 premixed and mastered sound files – expertly curated especially for explainer videos, motion graphics, games and any A/V project
  • Everything ready to use right out of the box – just drag and drop into your project 
  • Made for anyone making creative audio productions – professional producers, sound supervisors, indie DIY’ers, hobbyists, home video makers
  • Get your project done in half the time – save a boat load of time and $$

Users talk about the Explainer Video Sound Kit

Best Kept Secret
This sound pack has a wide range of diverse, well-crafted, and polished sound effects. It’s been designed for motion graphics, and video explainers, but can be used for film and TV as well as for adding some character to your sound editing builds. A great value for the money. So good, I would almost like to keep it a secret!
SFX Editor
Amazing Sound Library
Feels very worth the price point with all the extra content, royalty free music and the quality and assortment of sounds available in the pack. Easy to use too. 10 out of 10 from me!
George H
Sound Designer
Perfect for 2D Animations
As a sound designer who works on commercial advertisements, when I heard it, I thought of all the 2D animations that I do. There are not many 2D animation sound effects available on the market today and these are perfect for my productions.
Moon S
AR/VR Developer

Instantly Level-up the Quality of Your Audio Productions

Creating audio for motion graphics, animations, product, training and explainer videos has never been easier. And now, it’s never been more affordable. Now on sale. 50% off for a limited time.

Retail Price $96 

Now on sale $48.00 (limited time offer)

Explainer Video

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