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Ambience From China SFX Bundle
Ambience from China Bundle captures a pleasant natural feel from all around China. Bundle includes: traffic sound effects temple ambience…...
Ambience From Japan SFX Bundle
Ambience from Japan Bundle captures pleasant natural feel from beautiful cities of Nara, Osaka and Kyoto. Subway, train ambiances and…...
Analog And Digital Cameras Ultimate SFX Bundle
Capture the moment with Analog and Digital Cameras Ultimate Sound Effects Bundle! This bundle brings the camera and shutter sound…...
Anime SFX Bundle
Anime SFX Pack brings every classic Anime Sound to your local sound library. From laser beams to cartoony bird calls,…...
Backgammon SFX Bundle
You can find different sounds of dice and game pieces from the game. Pick from 100+ sounds of dice rolling,…...
Cinematic Series SFX Bundle
With the Cinematic Series Bundle, you can make your audience feel the atmosphere you want. Cinematic Series Bundle includes sound…...
Crafting & Survival
Build, Craft and Survive! The new Crafting and Survival brings you 475 files and 1,000+ sounds plus the surprise bonus…...
Destruction SFX Bundle
Destruction Bundle brings heavy sounds to your local library. From breaking ceramic glass materials to heavy working excavator debris sounds…...
Ebow Thriller SFX Bundle
Ebow Thriller Sound Effects Bundle will bring you the spooky sound effects that will terrify your audience. Ebow Thriller Sound…...
Eerie Drones And Textures SFX Bundle
Eerie Drones & Textures Sound Effects Bundle will bring you the Eerie atmosphere that will spook your audience. Eerie Drones…...
Gore Sound Effects Bundle
Gore Bundle brings brutal and gruesome sounds to your local library. From gushing bloody flesh sounds to bone break, snap…...
Green Witch's Cauldron SFX Bundle
Prepare the Herbs, Roots and Who Knows What for Your Magic Cauldron! Your Fresh Recipes Are Out Now from Top…...
Haunted House SFX Bundle
Haunted House Sound Effects Bundle brings complete spooky environmental sound effects and raw materials to your house! The Haunted House…...
London On The Go SFX Bundle
Travel without moving as if you are really there with these immense ambiences recorded at various locations in London. You…...
Mechanicals SFX Bundle
Mechanicals Sound Effects Bundle captures the mechanical feeling that you need for your project. Mechanicals Sound Effects Bundle includes sound…...
Medieval Town SFX Bundle
Medieval Town Sound Effects Bundle takes you on a historical journey through a map of an imagined town. It includes…...

Ambience From China SFX Bundle


Ambience from China Bundle captures a pleasant natural feel from all around China.

Bundle includes:

  • traffic sound effects
  • temple ambience
  • announcements 
  • interior sounds of the airports


As well as sound effects that capture the feeling of Shanghai streets or the natural voices from grasslands. With Vadi Sound Library you have access to meet every sound effects needs to create a perfect ambience for your video games, animation projects and much more.



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